Pictures of the Remediation and Construction

Boulevards at South Bay The Boulevards at South Bay is a mixed-use commercial and residential project being built on the southwest side of the I-405 freeway west of Avalon Boulevard. The project fronts on both the north and south sides of Del Amo Boulevard and on the east side of Main Street. The site has 157 acres and 1.2 million square feet of retail and entertainment uses will be built in addition to 1550 residential units. The property was formerly used as a landfill. Deep dynamic compaction was used to compact the landfill and reduce settlement on the areas which will be used for parking. Deep dynamic compaction consists of a 26 ton weight being dropped from a crane. There are pictures showing the crane and weight. That process has been completed. The methane gas collection system is currently being installed on site. This system will collect any methane gas that may be emitted from the landfill and vent the gas. The liner is also being installed on the landfill to prevent any rain water to seep through the landfill into the groundwater. There are pictures of the pipes and liner being stored on site. All of the roads and utilities have been removed. They will be replaced starting in April, 2010. Although very little of the construction activities could be seen from the adjacent roads, the work is proceeding and the installation of the landfill gas collection system, liner and monitoring wells should be complete in 2010. Additional information is available on the City of Carson's website. As the construction progresses, more pictures will be added to the website. For a complete project description, click on the Carson Marketplace EIR.

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Offloading one of the two flares at the Operations Center

Moving flare into place

Positioning and Steadying Flare in Place

View of Flares From Mobile Home Park Across the Torrance Lateral

Ground Breaking Oct. 14, 2008
Deep Dynamic Compaction


Pile Driving Test

Storage of Pipe and Liner for Gas Collection System

Former Roads and Utilities Removed

Grass and Coconut Mat on the Slopes facing I-405

Lined stormwater collection pond to catch rain water from winter storms December 2010

Installing Methane Liner - June, 2011

1. Crews are laying the liner at the Operations Center. A close up below with show the three layers involved at this point in the process.
Laying the Liner
2. Close up of the liner at the Op Center. The black layer (1) in the fore-ground is a heavy felt-like material that is lain direct-ly on the graded soil. The second layer is the white geo-membrane that is placed on top of layer 1. Then the third layer is the black felt-like material laid on top of the white layer. It is a black and white sandwich.
Close up of the liner
3. A roll of the liner is being held by a piece of equipment as the crew rolls out the correct amount for placement.
Roll out placement
4. Closer view of the laying of the geo-membrane layer on top of the felt-like layer.
Laying of the geo-membrane layer
5. Pile caps. The liner is welded to the black apron that you see here around the pile cap. The weld seals the liner to the pile cap.
Pile caps
6. There are two ways to weld the liner. One fuses two pieces of liner together and forms a seam. The piece of equipment at left is used for this purpose. The liner feeds into the welder, which heats up the two pieces to fuse them to-gether.
weld the liner

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