Job Specifications

Job Title(pdf)Bargaining UnitFLSACity Council RESO NO.
Youth Sports CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Accounts Payable Specialist IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Accounts Payable Specialist IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Adult Sports CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Business Development ManagerAME Exempt 06-142
Code Enforcement AideAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Code Enforcement OfficerAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Community Services CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Community Services Program ManagerSUPV Non-Exempt 06-141
Computer Systems Support TechnicianPROF Non-Exempt 06-143
Construction Inspection SupervisorSUPV Non-Exempt 06-141
Deputy City ClerkACE Non-Exempt 06-057
Equipment Mechanic IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Equipment Mechanic IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Equipment Service WorkerAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Event Services Worker IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-164
Event Services Worker IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-164
Event Services Worker IIIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-164
GIS AdministratorAME Exempt 06-027
Grants SpecialistPROF Non-Exempt 06-141
Graphic Designer IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Graphic Designer IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Heavy Equipment OperatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Human Resources AssistantACE Non-Exempt 06-057
Information Technology ManagerACE Exempt 06-141
Kids Club Site DirectorAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-072
Payroll Specialist IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Payroll Specialist IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Planning Technician IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Planning Technician IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Principal Civil EngineerAME Exempt 06-057
Public Safety Comm Services ManagerAME Exempt 06-141
Public Works Maintenance Supervisor-Tree MaintenanceSUPV Non-Exempt 06-057
Recreation Center Supervisor IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Recreation Center Supervisor IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Recreation Permits CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Recreation Program SupervisorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Senior Bus DriverAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Senior Code Compliance SpecialistAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-027
Senior Human Resources AnalystACE Exempt 06-057
Senior Human Resources SpecialistACE Non-Exempt 06-057
Senior Human Resources AssistantACE Non-Exempt 06-057
Senior Maintenance Worker IAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Senior Maintenance Worker IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-057
Senior Recreation Center SupervisorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Senior Recreation Program CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Senior Services CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Telecommunications and Systems AnalystPROF Exempt 06-141
Transportation CoordinatorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Transportation Services AssistantAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-141
Assistant CraftsworkerAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Aquatics Program SupervisorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-027
Assistant Event Coordinator
Assistant GroundsworkerAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Assistant Maintenance WorkerAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Assistant Tree TrimmerAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Associate Civil EngineerProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Business Development SpecialistProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 06-027
Business License Specialist IAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-131
Business License Specialist IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-131
Central Services Clerk
Central Services WorkerAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
City EngineerUnclassified Exempt
Council Field RepresentativeConfidential Non-Exempt 02-036
Craftsworker IAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Craftsworker IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
CustodianAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-074
Division SecretaryAFSCME/ACE Non-Exempt 08-065
Early Childhood InstructorAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-027
ElectricianAFSCME Non-Exempt 01-135
Emergency Preparedness AnalystProf. Assn. Exempt 05-131
Employment Development SupervisorSupervisors Assn. Non-Exempt 04-102
Employment Services ClerkACE Non-Exempt 04-102, 05-029
Facilities Maintenance TechnicianAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-131
Finance OfficerUnclassified Exempt 04-102
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) AnalystProf. Assn. Exempt 06-027
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) TechnicianProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Groundsworker IAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Groundsworker IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Housing AnalystProf. Assn. Exempt 06-027
Housing and Neighborhood Development ManagerAME Exempt
Housing Program ManagerProf. Assn. Exempt 06-027
Human Resources AnalystACE Exempt 05-131
Human Resources ManagerAME Exempt 04-102
Human Resources SpecialistACE Non-Exempt 05-131
HVAC TechnicianAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-131
Lead Facilities Maintenance TechnicianAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-067
MaintenanceE Worker IAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Maintenance Worker IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Management AssistantACE Non-Exempt 06-027
Manager – Human ServicesAME Exempt 05-029
Office Clerk
PainterAFSCME Non-Exempt 01-135
Planning SecretaryAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-065
PlumberAFSCME Non-Exempt 01-135
Pool Maintenance SpecialistAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-131
Public Informatioin AnalystProf. Assn. Exempt 06-027
Purchasing Specialist IAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-063
Purchasing Specialist IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-063
Real Estate Development AnalystProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Recreation SuperintendentAME Exempt 01-184
Redevelopment Project AnalystProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Redevelopment Project ManagerProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Risk Management AnalystACE Exempt 06-027
Senior Account Clerk IAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-029
Senior Account Clerk IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 05-029
Senior Administrative AnalystProfessional Assn./ACE Exempt 08-069
Senior Concrete WorkerAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-027
Senior Risk Management AnalystACE Exempt 06-027
Systems SpecialistProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 06-027
Systems AnalystProf. Assn. Exempt 06-027
Traffic EngineerAME Exempt 01-135
Tree Trimmer IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Senior Civil EngineerProf. Assn. Exempt 06-027
Senior CustodianAFSCME Non Exempt
Senior Employment SpecialistAFSCME Non-Exempt 06-027
Senior PlannerSupervisors Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Senior Engineering TechnicianProf. Assn Non-Exempt 06-027
Senior Redevelopment Project ManagerProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 01-135
Web DeveloperProf. Assn. Non-Exempt 05-131
Tree Trimmer IAFSCME Non-Exempt 02-070
Account Clerk   
Accountant I   
Accountant II   
Administrative SecretaryAFSCME/ACE Non-Exempt 08-065
Administrative SpecialistProfessional Assn. Non-Exempt 08-069
Assistant Planner   
Assistant Recreation Coordinator   
Associate Planner   
Chief Deputy City Clerk   
Chief Deputy City Treasurer   
Code Compliance SupervisorCPSA Non-Exempt 15-028
City Manager   
Civil Engineering Assistant   
Construction Inspector   
Contract Services Coordinator   
Coordinator - Seniors Assisted Living   
Employment Specialist   
Event Coordinator   
Manager - Accounting   
Manager - Community Center   
Manager - Public Information   
Manager - Public Safety Services   
Manager Revenue   
Manager Transportation Services   
Offset Press Operator   
Recreation Coordinator   
Recreation Program Manager   
Redevelopment Project Secretary   
Rehabilitation Financial Counselor   
Senior Accountant   
Senior Buyer   
Senior ClerkAFSCME/ACE Non-Exempt 08-065
Senior Construction Inspector   
Senior Craftsworker   
Senior Equipment Mechanic   
Senior Grounds Worker   
Senior Offset Press Operator   
Senior Storekeeper   
Senior Tree Trimmer   
Supervisor - Building Maintenance   
Supervisor - Code Enforcement   
Supervisor - Community Center   
Supervisor - Equipment Maintenance   
Supervisor - Parks and Grounds Maintenance   
Supervisor - Public Works Maintenance   
Supervisor - Rehabilitation   
Supervisor - Tree Maintenance   
Supervisor - Warehouse   
Typist Clerk IAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-065
Typist Clerk II   
Youth Services Officer   
Business Development AnalystProfessional Assn Exempt 07-109
Senior Administrative SpecialistProfessional Assn Non-Exempt 08-069
Administrative AnalystACE Exempt 08-069
Facilities Maintenance Technician IAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-066
Facilities Maintenance Technician IIAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-067
Assistant Facilities Maintenance TechnicianAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-066
Irrigation TechnicianAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-065
Administrative Services General ManagerUnclassified Exempt 08-065
Development Services General ManagerUnclassified Exempt 08-065
Public Services General ManagerUnclassified Exempt 08-065
Economic Development General ManagerUnclassified Exempt 08-065
Division Secretary-Information TechnologyAFSCME Non-Exempt 08-065
Executive AssistantACE Non-Exempt 08-065
Supervisor - Central Services   
Planning OfficerUnclassified Exempt 09-064
Public Safety SpecialistProfessional Assn Non-Exempt 04-043
Employment and Business Development AssistantAFSCME Non-Exempt 09-014
Resource Center TechnicianAFSCME Non-Exempt 09-014

City Hall Contact

701 E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 830-7600, 7 AM - 6 PM
Monday - Thursday
24-hour automated: (310) 952-1700


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