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General Municipal Election March 3, 2015

Measure C

Q: What is Measure C?
Measure C would create a Utility Users’ Tax (UUT) in Carson to provide funds needed to save vital City services and programs that are at risk because of the current economic crisis. Measure C is on the March 3, 2009 ballot for the approval of Carson voters.

Q: Why is Measure C on the ballot?
A: Measure C was placed on the March 3 ballot by a unanimous vote of the City Council on December 16, 2008 in light of the structural budget deficit faced by the City of Carson. The deficit stems from the 48% increase in actual city expenditures over the last decade, in which actual revenues only increased by 40%. The additional revenues that will be raised from Measure C will help maintain current levels of City services and programs despite the current economic crisis and state budget cuts.

Q: What services are in danger if Measure C does not pass?
A: Critical services that will be impacted include Sheriff’s patrol of local neighborhoods, 911 emergency response, street maintenance and pothole repairs, gang prevention and graffiti removal, recreation programs for all ages, Meals on Wheels for seniors and the Stroke Center.

Q: What will happen if no additional revenues are generated?

A: In addition to the reduction or elimination of essential services and programs, which can affect the quality of life in Carson, the City will be facing bigger budget deficits over the next several years.

Q: I pay property taxes to the L.A. County, shouldn’t some of these funds be allocated to the city so that it can provide services to its citizens?

A: Unfortunately, the City of Carson only receives less than 7 cents for every dollar paid in property taxes to the County. This amount translates to a mere $7 million per year, which is not sufficient to cover even the cost of the City’s Sheriff’s Department contract.

Q: How much will the Utility Users Tax cost the average Carson household?
A: The Utility Users Tax is 2% of the monthly electric and gas bill. No Utility Users Tax will be collected for water, telephone, cable and cellular phone utilities. The average household that spends a combined bill of $150 on electric and gas bill is expected to pay approximately $3 per month (or approximately a dime per day) in Utility Users’ Tax.

Q: Are businesses also expected to pay the Utility Users Tax?
Yes. Measure C will require businesses to pay their fair share. In fact, businesses, whose typical electric and gas consumptions are four times more than the average household, are reasonably expected to pay 200% more in Utility Users Tax than the average household.

Q: How much revenue is expected to be generated from the Utility Users Tax?
The Utility Users Tax is expected to generate $9 million annually, with 80% of revenues ($7.2 million) generated from businesses and only 20% ($1.8 million) from residents.

Q: Are there any exemptions?
A: Residents 62 years of older whose name appears on the utility bill, as well as “lower income” households (as defined by State law) are exempt from paying the Utility Users’ Tax. State law defines lower income households as a 4-person household who earns less than $5,000 per month.

Q: Is the Utility Users’ Tax a permanent tax?
No, the Utility Users Tax is only temporary. It would end in seven years from the date of its enactment.

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