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City Employee Directory

  • All numbers are in the 310 area code.
  • Extensions starting with 17XX can be dialed directly by dialing 310-952-17XX (i.e. Ext 1701 can be dialed as 310-952-1701)
  • Extensions starting with 35XX can be dialed directly by dialing 310-847-35XX (i.e. Ext 3500 can be dialed as 310-847-3500)
  • ALL OTHER Extensions can be reached by dialing 310-952-1700 and then dialing the Extension (i.e. Ext 1414, 1819, 1162, etc)
Employee Directory - Click on each Column head to sort
Aaron Rainey Senior Custodian ARainey@carsonca.gov3520Public Works
Adrian Reynosa Community Center Manager AReynosa@carsonca.gov 1771 Community Services
AdrianPadillaMaintenance Worker IIAPadilla@carsonca.gov3520Operations
AdrianaPerezSanitation Services CoordinatorAPerez2@carsonca.gov3520Corporate Yard
Adriana Cabrera Human Resources Assistant ACabrera@carsonca.gov 1156 Human Resources
Adriana Lina Transportation Coordinator II ALina@carsonca.gov 1473 Transportation Services
AdriannaGonzalezRecreation Assistant IIIAGonzalez@carsonca.gov3575Corporate Yard
Alexander Rocco GIS Administrator ARocco@carsonca.gov 1819 Information Technology
AlexisWheelerReceptionist AWheeler@carsonca.gov 0 Purchasing
Alma Casillas Senior Custodian ACasilla@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Alvie Betancourt Planning Manager ABetancourt@carsonca.gov 1365 Planning
Amanda Valorosi Sr. Asst..IIV Coord II AValorosi@carsonca.gov 1471 Human Services
Andrea Ellis Senior Account Clerk I AEllis@carsonca.gov 1162 Administration
Angel Chyu Accountant II AChyu@carsonca.gov 1251 Business License
Angela Zambrano Typist Clerk II AZambrano@carsonca.gov 1602 Public Safety
Angela Burgess Senior Clerk aburgess@carsonca.gov 3526 Public Works
Anthony OrtizMaintenance AideAOrtiz@carsonca.gov 3520Human Resources
Anthony Bedolla Groundsworker I G ABedolla@carsonca.gov 3500Public Works
AnthonyGallegosRecreation Assistant IIAGallegos@carsonca.gov3570Recreation
Anthony Rockhold Code Enforcement Officer ABRockhold@carsonca.gov 1640 Public Safety
AntonioSantiagoMaintenance AideASantiago@carsonca.gov3574Corporate Yard
Antonio "Tony" Rodriguez Account Clerk TRodriguez@carsonca.gov 1329 Administration
Anuar Lopez OcampoPurchasing Specialist IALopezocampo@carsonca.gov1236Purchasing
AprilGrijalvaTypist Clerk IAGrijalv@carsonca.gov1674Public Safety
ArielDe La PazLBM SuperintendentADelaPaz@carsonca.gov3501Corporate Yard
ArietaLautiRecreation Assistant IIIALauti@carsonca.gov Dolphin Park
ArleenRojasCouncil Member, District 4ARojas@carsonca.gov1000City Council
Arlene Gomez-LunaReceptionist AGomez-luna@carsonca.gov0Purchasing
AshleyIslasRecreation Assistant IIAIslas@carsonca.gov Recreation
AsiaWatsonParking Control OfficerAWatson@carsonca.gov1670Emergency Services
Aundrea Rockhold Recreation Center Supv. II ARockhold@carsonca.gov (310) 329-7717 Del AmoPark
Aupiu Saupo Typist Clerk II ASaupo@carsonca.gov 1600 Public Safety
Aurelia Mascorro Transportation Coordinator II AMascorro@carsonca.gov 1401 Transportation Services
AveryStewartRecreation Assistant IIAStewart@caronca.gov  
Benjamin Echave Jr. Assistant Groundsworker BEchave@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
BillyDe JesusIT Support TechnicianVDeJesus@carsonca.gov1734Information Technology
Bing Jing Web Developer BJing@carsonca.gov 1199 Information Technology
Bobby Grove Community Services Superintendent BGrove@carsonca.gov 1760Community Services
Bre'anaBrownSenior Account Clerk BBrown@carsonca.gov1255Accounting
Brenda Reed Senior Clerk BReed@carsonca.gov 1775 Human Services
Brenda AvantReceptionistBAvant@carsonca.gov 3570Recreation
Brent Gesch Principal Administrative Analyst BGesch@carsonca.gov 1607 Administration
Brent Severtson Building Maintenance Supervisor bseverts@carsonca.gov 3514 Landscape and Building Maintenance
BrianButkiewiczCode Enforcement OfficerBButkiewicz@carsonca.gov1672Code Enforcement
BrittneyYoungPayroll SpecialistBYoung@carsonca.gov1209Payroll
BryanHasleyRecreation Assistant IIBHasley@carsonca.gov3570Recreation
CacLeCouncil Field DeputyCLe@carsonca.gov1722City Council
CameronWoodsRecreation Assistant IICWoods@carsonca.gov1465Community Center
Carlos Ochoa Electrician COchoa@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
CarolRipleyRecreation Assistant IICRipley@carsonca.gov Dolphin Park
Carolyn Pele Recreation Center Supervisor I CPele@carsonca.gov (310) 521-0198 Stevenson Park
Cedric Hicks Council Member District 3 CHicks@carsonca.gov 1712 City Council
Cesar Sicairos Lead Facilities Maintenance Technician CSicairos@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Cesar Padilla Parks Maintenance Supervisor CPadilla@carsonca.gov 3517 Operations
CharlesDominguezIrrigation TechnicianCDominguez@carsonca.gov3500Operations
Chris Rocca Construction Inspector CRocca@carsonca.gov 3588 Engineering
Christina Lutu Administrative Specialist CLutu@carsonca.gov 3557 Recreation
Christine Foisia Senior Clerk CFoisia@carsonca.gov 1740 Public Information
Christine Fuller Senior Clerk (PT) CFuller@carsonca.gov 1210 Accounting
Christopher Holt Senior Maintenance Worker ICHolt@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Clark Stanton Senior Custodian cstanton@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Claudia Sicairos Central Services Technician CGsicairos@carsonca.gov 1270 Central Services
Cristina Herrera Senior Recreation Center Supervisor CHerrera@carsonca.gov (310) 830-4925 Carson Park
Cristine Gaiennie Revenue Manager CGaiennie@carsonca.gov 1749 Business License
Dani Cook Human Services Supervisor DCook@carsonca.gov 1480 Human Services
Daniel Zepeda Senior Accountant DZepeda@carsonca.gov 1120 Accounting
Daniel Jason Arellano Senior Groundsworker Darellan@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Danielle Hasley Graphic Designer l DHasley@carsonca.gov 1606 Public Information
Danny Crable Facilities Maint tech II DCrable@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Dara Sandoval Aquatics Center Supervisor DSandoval@carsonca.gov (310) 816-9381 Parks and Recreation
Daryl Dorsky Facilities Maint Tech II Ddorsky@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
David Ruhs Senior Groundsworker DRuhs@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
David Crockett Fleet Maintenance SupervisorDCrocket@carsonca.gov 3534 Public Works
David Hutton Maintenance Worker II DHutton@carsonca.gov 3569 Public Works
David Kim Systems Administrator DKim@carsonca.gov 1821 Information Technology
David Roberts City Manager DRoberts@carsonca.gov 1730 City Manager
David Spears Code Enforcement Officer DSpears@carsonca.gov 1610 Code Enforcement
Deborah Schmidt Youth Services Officer DSchmidt@carsonca.gov 1671 Public Safety
Debra Miller Earliy ChildHood Instructor dmiller@carsonca.gov 3566 Parks and Recreation
Debra Scott Rehabilitation Finacial Counselor DScott@carsonca.gov 1309 Housing and Neighborhood
Desiree Johnson Human Resources Specialist DJohnson@carsonca.gov 1820 Human Resources
Doc Tisuthiwongse Systems Business Analyst DTisuthiwongse@carsonca.gov 1195 Information Technology
Dora LaPastora DLapasto@carsonca.gov 1492 Human Services
Doris Reed Account Clerk DReed@carsonca.gov 3546 Public Works
Ed Tupuola Senior Groundsworker ETupuola@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Eileen TinnieHuman Services Assistant Coordinator ETinnie@carsonca.gov1470 Human Services
Elaine Bedwell Buyer EBedwell@carsonca.gov 1216 Purchasing
Eliza Jane Whitman Director of Public Works EJWhitman@carsonca.gov 1754 Public Works
Enrique Perez Sr. Central Services Technician EPerez@carsonca.gov 1751 Central Services
Eric (P.W.) Carter Sr.Tree Trimmer II ECarter@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Evelyn Castaneda Administrative Secretary Ecastaneda@carsonca.gov 3581 Community Services
Felicia Gradney Senior Custodian FGradney@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Freddy Orellana Event Services Worker III FOrellana@carsonca.gov 1499 Community Center
Freddy Loza Maintenance Supervisor FLoza@carsonca.gov 3531 Maintenance
Gabriel C. Batucal Groundsworker II  3500 Landscape & Building Maintenance
Garrett Roberts Principal Administrative Analyst GRoberts@carsonca.gov 1125 Administration
Gary Hild Public Works Maintenance SupervisorGHild@carsonca.gov 3585Public Works
Gena Guisar, AICP Contract Planner GGuisar@carsonca.gov 1323 Planning
Gene Smith Facilities Maintenance Technician II GSmith@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
George Quilan Senior Groundsworker GQuilan@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Gilbert Marquez Principle Civil Engineer/City Engineer GMarquez@carsonca.gov 1813 Engineering
Gina Trinidad Administrative Analyst GTrinidad@carsonca.gov 1636 Public Safety
Ginger Buesing Executive Assistant GBuesing@carsonca.gov 1706 City Council
Glenn Dear Payroll Specialist GDear@carsonca.gov 1214 Payroll
Gloria Marroquin Recreation Program Manager MArroquin@carsonca.gov 3573 Recreation
Gloria C. Murillo Code Enforcement SupervisorGmurillo@carsonca.gov 1635 Public Safety
Grace Cruz Senior Clerk GCruz@carsonca.gov 1489 Transportation Services
Gregory MacDonald Tree and Concrete Maintenance Supervisor GMacdonald@carsonca.gov 3515 Public Works
Grisel Rodriguez Human Resources Specialist GRodriguez@carsonca.gov 1121 Human Resources
Gwen Whitaker, Pompey Recreation Center Supervisor II GWhitaker@carsonca.gov (310) 538-0018 Recreation
Hugo Flores Ramirez Sr. Groundsworker hramirez@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
IanHolstAssociate Civil Engineer IHolst@carsonca.gov1822Engineering
Ina Lefeiloai Code Enforcement and Collections Officer ILefeiloai@carsonca.gov 1235 Business License
Isaac Gardner Recreation Center Supervisor IGardner@carsonca.gov  Recreation
Jack Moega Event Services Worker III JMoega@carsonca.gov 1442 Community Center
Jadifi Hart Sr. Groundsworker II JHart@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
James Nguyen Project Manager JNguyen@carsonca.gov 1310 Housing and Neighborhood
Jane Manalo Payroll Specialist JManalo@carsonca.gov 1208 Accounts Payable
Janelle Morris Accounts Payable Specialist II JMorris@carsonca.gov 1249 Accounts Payable
Janelle Morris Accounts Payable Specialist II JMorris@carsonca.gov 1249 Accounting
Janette Tupuola Supv, Code Compliance JTupuola@carsonca.gov 1630 Public Safety
Janice Sumpter Inspector jsumpter@dpw.lacounty.gov 1380 Los Angeles Co. Building & Safety
Janny Noa Sr. Recreation Center Supervisor JNoa@carsonca.gov (310) 830-8310 Foisia Park
Jason Jo Transportation Program Manager JJo@carsonca.gov 1779 Transportation Services
Jason Wong Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator JWong@carsonca.gov 1465 Human Services
Javier Morales Lead Facilities Maintenance Technician JMorales@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Javier Arias Groundsworker IIJArias@carsonca.gov3520Public Works
Jawane Hilton Council Member District 1 JHilton@carsonca.gov 1000 City Council
Jeffrey Wenda Custodial Supervisor jwenda@carsonca.gov 3519 Public Works
Jenice Deguzman Recreation Coord (PT) - Family Support JDeGuzman@carsonca.gov 3575 Parks and Recreation
Jessica Coria Senior Clerk JCoria@carsonca.gov 1823 Administration
Jesus Sanchez Associate Engineer JSanchez@carsonca.gov 1380 Engineering
Jim Dear Mayor Pro Tem JDear@carsonca.gov 1000 Council Member
Jim Dufour Inspector jdufour@dpw.lacounty.gov 1381 Building and Safety
Jimmy Alcantar Human Resources Specialist JAlcantar@carsonca.gov 1088 Human Resources
Jo Dawn Chargois  JChargois@carsonca.gov 3584 Parks & Recreation
Joaquin Fernandez Supv, Public Works Maint JFernand@carsonca.gov 3525 Public Works
Jocelyn Young Permit Technician jeyoung@dpw.lacounty.gov 1382 Building and Safety
John Cabaccang Coord, Events JCabacca@carsonca.gov 1442 Community Center
John Hufana Assistant Facilities Maint Technician I JHufana@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
John Martinez Park Maintenance Supervisor JMartine@carsonca.gov 3518 Parks and Recreation
John Leonardo Assistant Maintenance Worker JLeonardo@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
John Raymond Assistanct City Manager JRaymond@carsonca.gov 1773 City Manager
John Barnett Heavy Equipment Operator jbarnett@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Johnny Hild Maintenance Worker II JHild@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Joline Barela Senior Clerk JBarela@carsonca.gov 1444 Community Center
Jose Pina Recreation Center Supervisor JPina@carsonca.gov (310) 549-3962 Dominguez Park
Jose Tingson Recreation Center Supervisor JTingson@carsonca.gov (310) 549-3962 Dominguez Park
Jose Ruiz Heavy Equipment Operator JRuiz@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Joshua Otineru Facilities Maint Tech II JOtineru@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Josilla Togiola BuyerJTogiola@carsonca.gov 1237 Purchasing
Joy Simarago Deputy City Clerk JSimarago@carsonca.gov 1031 City Clerk
Jude Luhrsen Facilities Maintenance Technician II JLuhrsen@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Kaiser Noa Ground Worker II KNoa@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Karina Orozco Typist Clerk Ii KOrozco@carsonca.gov 1786 Public Safety
Keith Bennett Housing Analyst KBennett@carsonca.gov 1319 Career Center
Kelly Ann Howard Account Clerk KHoward@carsonca.gov 3504 Public Works
KelsieMitchellAssistant Recreation Center SupervisorKMitchell@carsonca.gov1460Human Services
KennethYoungSenior Civil Engineer KYoung@carsonca.gov1812Engineering
Kenneth McKay Mgr, Public Safety Services KMckay@carsonca.gov 1605 Public Safety
Kenneth Adams Senior Bus Driver KAdams@carson.ca.us 1495 Transportation Services
Kenny Harris Rec. Center Supervisor II KHarris@carsonca.gov (310) 631-2252 Stevenson Park
Kevin Ibarra Human Resources Specialist KIbarra@carsonca.gov 1158 Human Resources
Kevin Kennedy IT Manager KKennedy@carsonca.gov 1192 Information Technology
Khaleah K. BradshawCity Clerk KBradshaw@carsonca.gov1720City Clerk
KourtneyCullorsChief Deputy City ClerkKCullors@carsonca.gov1030City Clerk
LaKeina Johnson Division Secretary LJohnson@carsonca.gov 1159 Human Resources
LaKesha Wilson Human Resources Specialist LWilson@carsonca.gov 1340 Human Resources
Larry Failla Center Supervisor II LFailla@carsonca.gov (310) 518-3565 Calas Park
LaToya Butler Employment and Business Development Assistant LButler@carsonca.gov 1032 City Clerk
Laura GonzalezTypist Clerk ILGonzalez@carsonca.gov1328Planning
Lawrence Taufaao Event Services Worker III LTaufaao@carsonca.gov 1499 Community Center
Lee Santos Senior Account Clerk Lsantos@carsonca.gov 3555 Parks & Recreation
Leslie Varela Typist Clerk I LVarela@carsonca.gov 3503 Administration
Lidia B. Betancourt Groundsworker II lbetanco@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Lisa Vasquez Business License Specialist II LVasquez@carsonca.gov 1252 Business License
Lise Enriquez Code Enforcement Officer lenriquez@carsonca.gov 1631 Public Safety
Lisi Masalosalo Bus Driver (PT) LMasalos@carsonca.gov 1468 Transportation Services
Lorraine R. Burke Typist Clerk II LBurke@carsonca.gov 1674 Public Safety
Louis Yau Systems Specialist LYau@carsonca.gov 1191 Information Technology
Luchie Magante Senior Administrative Analyst LMagante@carsonca.gov 3549 Administration
Lucille Sandoval Planning Secretary LSandoval@carsonca.gov 1324Planning
Lucy Garcia Typist Clerk II LGarcia@carsonca.gov 1447 Community Center
Lula Davis-Holmes Mayor Ldavis-holmes@carsonca.gov 1000 City Council
Majid Hooshvar Supervisor Construction Inspector MHooshvar@carsonca.gov 3590 Engineering
Margie Revilla-Garcia Public information MRevilla@carsonca.gov 1741 Public Information
Maria Zambrano Clerical Asst. (PT) MZambrano@carsonca.gov 1786 Public Safety
Maria Cortez Account Clerk MCortez@carsonca.gov 3554 Parks & Recreation
Maria Gonzalez Division Secretary MGonzalez@carsonca.gov 1350 Planning
Maricela Silva Central Services Technician MSilva@carsonca.gov 1271 Purchasing
Mario Ringo Senior Groundsworker MRingo@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Martin Gombert Consultant mgombert@carsonca.gov 1756 Transportation Services
Mary Garcia Business License Specialist II MRojas@carsonca.gov 1748 Business License
Matilde Murillo Typist Clerk II MMurillo@carsonca.gov 1254 Business License
Matthew Jordan Coordinator, Adult Sports Mjordan@carsonca.gov 3576 Parks & Recreation
Max Castillo Assistant Planner MCastillo@carsonca.gov 1317 Planning
McKina Alexander Associate Planner MAlexander@carsonca.gov 1326 Planning
MelissaFigueroaSenior ClerkMFigueroa@carsonca.gov1720City Clerk
Michael BeranStorekeeper (PT)MBeran@carsonca.gov1752Purchasing
Michael Foley POOL MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST MFoley@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Michael Smith HVAC Technician MSmith@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Michael George Assistant to the City Manager MGeorge@carsonca.gov 1731 Administration
Michael Dorta MDorta@carsonca.gov 1386 Building and Safety
Mickie Sanchez Recreation Center Supervisor MSanchez@carsonca.gov (310) 631-3130 Mills Park
Mike Whittiker Director of Community ServicesMWhittiker@carsonca.gov 1780 Community Services
Mitchell Morones Network Administrator MMorones@carsonca.gov 1194 Information Technology
Modesto Bolanos Purchasing Specialist MBolanos@carsonca.gov 3519 Building Maintenance
Monica Cooper City Treasurer MCooper@carsonca.gov 1725 City Treasurer
Mutiatai Faletogo Maintenance Worker II Mfaletog@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Nancy Rusas Coordinator Youth Sports II NRusas@carsonca.gov 3577 Parks and Recreation
NathanCaukinRecreation SpecialistNCaukin@carsonca.gov1783Stroke Center
Noe Zavala Jr. Facilities Maint Tech. II nzavala@carsonca.gov 1794Landscape and Building Maintenance
NoraGarciaEmergency Services ManagerNGarcia@carsonca.gov1603Emergency Services
Norberto Boceta Division Secretary NBoceta@carsonca.gov 1334 Planning
Pat Camacho Assistant Recreation Center Supervisor pcamacho@carsonca.gov (310) 549-4560 Dolphin Park
Pedro Donici Sr. Groundsworker PDonici@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Peter Mamea Coord, Events PMamea@carsonca.gov 1449 Community Center
Phat Nguyen Accountant II PNguyen@carsonca.gov 1119 Accounting
Pierre Demian Senior Human Resources Analyst PDemian@carsonca.gov 1122 Human Resources
Priscilla Palma Division SecretaryPPalma@carsonca.gov 1787Public Safety
Pulu Foisia Assistant Facilities Maintenance Technician PFoisia@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Raeann Munoz Public Safety Specialistrmunoz@carsonca.gov 1670 Public Safety
Rafael Rico Purchasing Specialist RRico@carsonca.gov 1230 Purchasing
Raheem Collins Recreation Assistant IV (PT) RCollins@carsonca.gov Anderson Park
RalstonTurnerSenior Budget AnalystRTurner@carsonca.gov1213Finance
Ramon Duarte Senior Account Clerk l rduarte@carsonca.gov 1041 City Treasurer
Ramon Clemente Heavy Equipment Operator Rclemente@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Raquel Rivera Early Childhood Instructor RRivera@carsonca.gov 1491 Human Services
Raul Sanchez Senior Groundsworker rsanchez@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Reata Kulcsar Sustainability Administrator - Utilities RKulcsar@carsonca.gov 1312 Engineering
Regina Jordan Permit Technician rjordan@dpw.lacounty.gov 1766 Los Angeles Co. Building & Safety
Reza Yadollahi Construction Inspector RYadolla@carsonca.gov 3587 Engineering
Riana Bell Office Clerk(Temporary) RBell@carsonca.gov 1736 Human Resources
RicaRobertsonSenior ClerkRRobertson@carson.ca.us3526Administration
Richard Ahlgrim Plumber RAhlgrim@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Richard Grijalva Facilities Maintenance Technician II rgrijalv@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Richard Major Code Enforcement Officer RMajor@carsonca.gov 1786 Code Enforcement
Richard J. Betham Senior Concrete Worker Rbetham@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
Richard M. Acevedo Sr. Maintenance Worker II Racevedo@carsonca.gov 3520 Public Works
RitaMcCullumPurchasing Manager RMccullum@carsonca.gov 1233 Purchasing
Robert Robledo facilities Maint.Tech II rrobledo@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Robert Buchholz Facilities Maint Tech II Rbuchholz@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Robert Lennox Assistant City Manager RLennox@carsonca.gov 1728Community Services
Robin Wilson Public Work Programs Administrator RWilson@carsonca.gov 3528 Public Works
Rogelio Sitson Senior Custodian RSitson@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Roger Jauregui Sr. Groundsworker RJauregu@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Roobik Galoosian Senior Risk Management Analyst RGaloosian@carsonca.gov 1764 Human Resources
RubenHovanesianPublic Works Operations ManagerRHovanesian@carsonca.gov3520Operations
Ryan Kim Traffic Engineer RKim@carsonca.gov 1815 Engineering
Saied Naaseh Community Development Director SNaaseh@carsonca.gov 1770 Community Development
SallyHessAdministrative SecretarySHess@carsonca.gov1801Administration
Salvador Ortega Recreation Center Supervisor SOrtega@carsonca.gov (310) 830-9997 Veterans Park
Sandra Torres Business License Specialist II STorres@carsonca.gov 1250 Business License
Savea Aupiu Event Coordinator SAupiu@carsonca.gov 1438 Community Center
Scott Griffee Recreation Program Mgr. SGriffee@carsonca.gov 3572 Parks and Recreation
Shanette Fuentes Administrative Secretary SFuentes@carsonca.gov 1723 City Treasurer
Shelly Root Senior Buyer SRoot@carsonca.gov 1231 Purchasing
ShukrullahDaanish Construction Inspector SDaanish@carsonca.gov 3589 Engineering
Silvia Rodriguez Typist Clerk II SRodriguez@carsonca.gov 1443 Community Center
Sivao Tua Abrego Custodian Sabrego@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Solomon Solomona Asst. Facilities Maint Tech SSolomon@carsonca.gov 3570 Human Resources
Starla Jordan Kids ClubSite Director sjordan@carsonca.gov 3552 Parks and Recreation
Stefanie Edmondson Senior Planner SEdmondson@carsonca.gov 1322 Planning
Steven Green Storekeeper SGreen@carsonca.gov 3542 Purchasing
Susan Cox Office Clerk(Temporary) SCox@carsonca.gov 1736 Human Resources
Susan Delirio Accountant II SDelirio@carsonca.gov 1218 Accounting
SylviaRodriguezTypist Clerk IISRodrigu@carsonca.gov3560Administration
Sylvia Rubio Executive AssistantSRubio@carsonca.gov 1318Administration
Tanya Semana-Burrus Code Enforcement OfficerTBurrus@carsonca.gov 1601 Public Safety
Taylor Morgan Code Enforcement and Collections Officer TMorgan@carsonca.gov 1240 Business License
Tera Otineru System Coordinator TOtineru@carsonca.gov 1193 Information Technology
Teresa Ruiz Groundsworker II truiz@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Thomas John Barrett Painter Tbarrett@carsonca.gov 3520 Landscape and Building Maintenance
Tim Grierson Recreation Superintendent TGrierso@carsonca.gov 3548 Parks and Recreation
Tola Dalupan Office Clerk (PT) TDalupan@carsonca.gov  Transportation Services
Tomiko Barrom Early Childhood Instructor TBarrom@carsonca.gov 1493 Human Services
TomishaHaywoodSenior ClerkTHaywood@carsonca.gov1759City Manager
ToniCostanzoAdministrative SpecialistTCostanzo@carsonca.gov1772Community Services
Tony Hernandez Inspector  1378 Los Angeles Co. Building & Safety
Tory Freeman Administrative Specialist TFreeman@carsonca.gov 1311 Administration
Tracey Curry Senior Human Resources Analyst TCurry@carsonca.gov 1110 Human Resources
Valencia Johnson Typist Clerk II vjohnson@carsonca.gov 1709 City Council
Valerie George Business License Specialist II VGeorge@carsonca.gov 1253 Business License
VeronicaRodriguezRight of Way SuperintendentVRodriguez@carsonca.gov3521Recreation
VeronicaAlvarezAccounting Manager VAlvarez@carsonca.gov 1211Accounting
Vic Moss vmoss@dpw.lacounty.gov 1383 Building and Safety
Vicki Hernandez Senior Clerk VHernandez@carsonca.gov 1744 Accounting
Victor Gastelum Graphic Designer II VGastelum@carsonca.gov 1161 Public Information
Victor Fernandez Supv, Events VFernandez@carsonca.gov 1441 Community Center
VictorLopezCivil Engineering AssistantVLopez@carsonca.gov1811Engineering
Virginia M. Brown Seniors Rec Prog Coordinator II VBrown@carsonca.gov 1479 Human Services
Yolanda Vili Groundsworker II yvili@carsonca.gov 3500 Landscape & Building Maintenance
Zak Gonzalez II Associate Planner ZGonzalez@carsonca.gov 1301 Public Safety
Zenora Bellard Early Childhood Prog. Supv. ZBellard@carsonca.gov 1482 Human Services

City Hall Contact

701 E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 830-7600, 7 AM - 6 PM
Monday - Thursday
24-hour automated: (310) 952-1700


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