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City of Carson Leads the Charge Among L.A. County Cities at Being Clean and Green

The City of Carson embraces the future. “Our future is being determined now by what we do and fail to do, and as Carson moves towards a cleaner and healthier environment we help ensure a brighter and sustainable future,“ said Carson Mayor Albert Robles. In June 2019, the Carson City Council unanimously voted to (i) authorize the purchase of a new fleet of light duty, zero emission and electric vehicles, (ii) to install electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city, and (iii) unveiled the first permanent residential electric trash truck in California.

Carson was also recently presented with the highly regarded “SolSmart Gold“ Award for Advancing Solar Energy Growth by the national SolSmart program for making it faster, easier, and more affordable for homes and businesses in Carson to use solar. This designation acknowledges Carson for taking bold steps to encourage clean solar energy growth and remove obstacles to solar development.
“While we are most excited for this acknowledgement, we are even more excited to offer an easier, faster and more accessible option for all our residents and businesses to go solar,” said Carson Mayor Albert Robles.

“Building on the City’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the City of Carson has made a significant impact through its sustainability efforts thus ultimately for the benefit of all future generations,” continued Mayor Robles.

The City of Carson recognizes the importance of engaging our residents in these efforts. Carson has hosted Electric Vehicle Test drives, Earth Day events, LED conversions, a community garden, e-waste collections, paper shredding and used oil recycling events, 1,400 new trees will be planted throughout the City, and the construction of a storm water capture system in LA County. The list of our clean and green initiatives is long,” said Mayor Robles.

In its July 16th meeting, the City Council committed to further the City into a net zero advanced energy community. The City Council approved an agreement with Charge Bliss and 127 Energy to work together on a ten-million dollar grant application to the California Energy Commission to install solar panels, battery storage, electric vehicle charging stations, and to make other energy efficiency improvements. The Clean Coalition facilitated the staging of the Carson Community Microgrid granting opportunity and will continue to support the project ongoing.

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