Special Needs

Special Needs Program

The Special Needs Program addresses the social, physical and recreational needs of Carson’s mentally and physically disabled adult population. Our programs have an emphasis on socialization, creative activities, special recreation, and physical and educational development of the mentally and physically challenged. These services help to reduce the loneliness and isolation of individuals with disabilities by providing a variety of recreational and social activities. This ultimately enhances the awareness of individual and group advocacy for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Canter at Carson
801 E. Carson Street, Carson, CA 90745

Tuesday (8 years -12 years)

Thursday (13 years -17 years)
Jason Wong, Special Needs Coordinator (310) 835-0212 x1465/ jwong@carson.ca.us
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Weekly Classes Location: Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Center
Monday & Wednesday: (18yrs +) 6p-8p
Tuesday: (8yrs-12yrs) 6p-7p
Thursday: (13yrs-17yrs) 6p-7p
Special Olympics Training Locations: Scott Park (Basketball), Carson High School (Track & Field), Torrance AMF Bowl-O-Drome (Bowling)
Dances Location: Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Center


Program Guidelines
1 Our program now accepts individuals starting from ages 8 years and up
2 Must be able to maintain own personal hygiene, i.e., toileting without the assistance from another individual.
3 Must be able to feed oneself without the assistance from another individual.
4 Must be able to administer own medication without assistance from another individual.
5 Must not display violent or aggressive behavior, which could be interpreted as a threat to participants and others.
6 Must be at a mental, emotional or physical functioning level to participate in the scheduled activities.
7 Must arrive at program neat, clean, odor-free and appropriately dressed for event or season, (guardian/care providers are responsible to assure compliance in this area).
8 Special note: inability to comply or maintain the above standards will be cause for program participant dismissal.


Programs and Activities

This program offers the fundamentals of bowling in a competitive, yet sportsman-like environment. It usually is a sanctioned league that meets on Saturday mornings. The fee includes shoe rental and a bowling ball. Teammates can encourage one another as each participant tries to improve their score. Three games are played, with an awards luncheon at the end of the season.

Variety Club This is a socialization club that provides the opportunity for developmentally disabled individuals to socialize and learn new skills in a fun atmosphere. Individuals are taught about safety issues and appropriate social behavior as the group interacts through entertainment programs, nutrition classes and games.
Tutoring Skills This program is for participants who desire to improve their skills in basic math, reading and writing.
Dances Monthly dances are scheduled for socialization and the development of new friendships. Refreshments are served, and occasionally a band or disc jockey is scheduled to make the evening more enjoyable. A fee is charged when it is a catered event.
Annual Talent Show This program provides personal growth through self expression and skill development. Participants are encouraged to sing, dance, act or play a musical instrument.
Special Games Special games create a competitive atmosphere for participants to run and engage in non-competitive activity for the mentally and physically challenged population. The university provides free lunch and a specially designed T-shirt for each participant. Many of the games are played at Loyola Marymount University and USC.
Sports & Special Olympics (Seasonal) The sports program offers participation and experience in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. The goal of this program is to prepare each participant for the Special Olympics competition. Training is provided in track and field, volleyball, softball, basketball, standing and running long jump, and distant softball throw. Other non-competitive sports are water aerobics, walking club and lawn games.
Referral Services Information and referral services are provided to clients and family members who have questions and concerns regarding health, independence support, employment, transportation and emotional support.
Parent Association This parent advocacy program promotes socialization for caregivers to share similar concerns and needs associated with their loved one's disability. Parents, guardians, friends and care-providers are encouraged to join. Meetings are held monthly. Please call (310) 835-0212 extension 1465 for meeting dates and time.
Autism Advocates In Action Support Group This group serves the autism community and other disabilities in the special needs community by providing information, facilitating communication and coordinating services. We are here to empower, educate and advocate by supporting you while raising public awareness through us. All meetings will be held at the Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Center.

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