StubHub! Center Inquiries

The StubHub! Center (Formerly The Home Depot Center) Inquiries

The StubHub! Center Fact Sheet
Location: On the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills
18400 Avalon Boulevard, Carson, CA 90746
Date Opened: June 1, 2003
Owner: AEG
Operator: AEG Facilities
Acreage of Facility: 125 acres
Construction Cost: Privately financed for $150 million
List of Facilities:
  • Soccer Stadium - 27,000 capacity
  • Tennis and Boxing Stadium - 8,000 capacity
  • Track and Field Facility - 2,000 permanent seats (up to 20,000 capacity)
  • The StubHub! Center Velodrome - 2,450 capacity
    • 250-meter indoor wood cycling track
    • 2 indoor basketball courts
    • 5 indoor volleyball courts
  • 1 indoor state-of-the-art fitness center
  • 18 tennis courts (14 hard courts, 4 clay courts)
  • 10 soccer training fields (including 2 artificial surface fields)
  • The American Express Stadium Club

Charitable Contributions Since Opened: AEG-related foundations have contributed over $5 million to community-based organizations.

Community Involvement: The StubHub! Center Charitable Foundation hosts an average of nine community youth events each year including, but not limited to, the Easter Egg Hunt, Treats N Suites Halloween Bash, Foundations' Feast, and the Reading Garden Challenge. For more information on specific events, please visit

Ticket Discount Offers and Donations: Throughout the year, The StubHub! Center offers Carson residents a discount on selected ticketed events. The offer can be redeemed by showing your Carson ID at The StubHub! Center Box Office. In addition, The StubHub! Center donates more than 8,000 ticket per year to community youth organizations.

Job Opportunities: More than 30% of The StubHub! Center employees are City of Carson residents.

Frequently Asked Questions About The StubHub! Center

  1. What types of activities and events occur at The StubHub! Center?
    The StubHub! Center is Southern California's home to world-class competition in soccer, tennis, cycling and other sports, and boasts training facilities for amateur, Olympic, collegiate and professional athletes. It is the home of two Major League Soccer teams - the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chivas USA. It is also an official U.S. Olympic Training Site, the United States Tennis Association's West Coast High Performance Training Center, and the national training center for the U.S. Soccer Federation. In addition, the multi-sport facility is the Southern California home of Athletes' Performance, an international training center for elite and professional athletes. National and international competitions are held in the soccer stadium, Velodrome and in the tennis stadium. The Home Depot Center also hosts concerts, high school football games, boxing matches and has hosted various special events such as ESPN's X Games.
  2. What are the curfews for the operation of The StubHub! Center, and how many events can occur at the facility?
    All noise must cease between the hours of 10 p.m. through 7 a.m. on weekdays, and 11 p.m. through 8 a.m. on weekends. Sunday hours may be extended to start at 9 a.m. and end at 8 p.m. when a City of Carson recognized holiday occurs the following day (Monday). The soccer stadium can host 50 events annually, which have a minimum paid attendance level of 5,000 or greater. In addition, The StubHub! Center can hold up to six concerts per year.
  3. How are the surrounding neighborhoods protected from parking and traffic issues?
    Traffic and safety is controlled by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Carson Substation personnel. The StubHub! Center pays for barricades and staffing at various levels depending on expected attendance at the events. There are three levels of attendance when planning for deputy sheriff staffing levels and determining appropriate neighborhood protection through barricades and associated staff. Level 1 attendance is up to 12,000 attendees, Level 2 is up to 20,000 attendees and Level 3 is up to 27,000 attendees. By clicking this link, it is graphically illustrated where barricades and personnel will be located at each level of attendance. Each resident will be provided five parking passes in order for family and guests to enter the barricaded areas during the events. One day guest passes are available to all Carson residents through the Carson Sheriff's Department. Passes for new residents are available at The Home Depot Center front desk, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, by bringing a photo ID and recent utility bill showing your Carson address. There is no charge to residents and guests for any of these passes.
  4. Is tailgating permitted in the parking lots and what preventative measures have been taken to prevent loitering before and after events?
    No. Tailgating is not allowed on the property of California State University, Dominguez Hills during The StubHub! Center events. Furthermore, No Loitering Signs are posted in and around the facility which state violators will be prosecuted.
  5. How are concert performers selected by The StubHub! Center and how is the community protected from performers that would be considered undesirable in the community?
    The StubHub! Center's ownership group, AEG, has an international event planning team and seeks out artists to perform at The StubHub! Center and other venues that AEG owns or operates. Once an artist is being considered, The StubHub! Center Concert Committee will review and either approve or deny the artist. The Committee consists of two staff members from The Home Depot Center, two staff members from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and one individual each from Colony Cove, Carson Harbor Village and the University Heights Homeowner's Association. These meetings are closed to the public and they meet no less than 45 days before any proposed event.
  6. What type of noise monitoring of concerts is performed by The StubHub! Center?
    At each concert, The StubHub! Center retains a sound consultant to monitor decibel levels to make sure they are staying within the limits of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). All event contracts with artists require that the speaker system used during the concert cannot exceed 130 decibels at three feet or 100 decibels at 100 feet from the stage speaker cluster. For certain concerts, the City retains its own sound consultant to ensure the event is in compliance with the EIR and City noise ordinance. (Clicking this link will identify where sound equipment is located for both the HDC sound consultant and the City.)
  7. What are the limitations on fireworks shows and aircraft flyovers?
    The StubHub! Center is permitted to have up to six fireworks shows and aircraft flyovers per calendar year. The StubHub! Center is required to notify all residents within a one mile radius of the facility, of any fireworks show or aircraft flyovers, by placing door hangers at their homes. This notice must be delivered to residents and to the City of Carson's Public Information Office, at least two weeks prior to the event.
  8. What public notification is provided when there are firework displays and certain large or selected events?
    The StubHub! Center lists its entire event calendar on its website in order for the public to know what events and associated shows will occur each month. To supplement this notification, The StubHub! Center may place door hangers in residential neighborhoods within a one mile radius when there will be fireworks displays or other selected events. (Click on this link to illustrate which neighborhoods will receive door hangers.)
  9. What measures have been taken to deter illegal vendors selling food and other merchandise in The StubHub! Center parking lots, local strip mall parking lots and the public right of way?
    For events that The StubHub! Center officials believe will attract illegal vendors, they retain City Code Enforcement Officers to cite and possibly confiscate contraband from the vendors at The StubHub! Center's events. The cost for the Code Enforcement Officers is entirely paid by The StubHub! Center.
  10. How does one file a complaint regarding the noise or other issues concerning The StubHub! Center?
    The StubHub! Center has a Security Command Center that is staffed 24/7 and can be reached at (310) 630-2044 to report any concerns. For example, if a complaint is made regarding excessive noise during a concert, a staff member will make direct contact with the sound consultant to place sound equipment in the area where the excessive sound is reported. They will determine if it exceeds the required limits and, if it does, they will make the appropriate adjustments to be in compliance. For events when the City's sound consultant will be utilized, the consultant will be monitoring for compliance with the sound ordinance and the EIR. The data will be reviewed and analyzed after the event and, if there was a violation, appropriate administrative and legal action can be taken. Furthermore, if residents call The StubHub! Center Security Command Center to complain that event patrons littered in and around one's home, they will dispatch maintenance staff to the location to clean it up.

    An individual can also call the City's Home Depot Center Hotline at (310) 952-1793 where a recorded message will instruct callers to leave a message with their complaint. This option is available year round to the public to report any concern or issue about the HDC. If it is a sound issue complaint, the information can assist staff and the sound consultant with their sound analysis of a concert and provide them a location to monitor the sound for future events. If it is another type of complaint, City staff will have a record in order to follow up on the complaint with The StubHub! Center's staff to determine how to rectify miscellaneous operational concerns.
  11. Are there other opportunities that the community has to voice their concerns about the operations of The StubHub! Center?
    The University Heights Homeowner's Association through a settlement agreement with the Board of Trustees of the California State University established a Citizen's Advisory Committee to provide a formal forum for residents to raise concerns regarding the operations of The StubHub! Center. The Committee is comprised of three residents of the University Heights neighborhood, two representatives of AEG, and one representative of California State University, Dominguez Hills. They have quarterly meetings as reasonably needed to address upcoming events and operational concerns. For other members of the community, they can contact The StubHub! Center's Security Command Center at (310) 630-2044 to voice similar concerns and suggestions about The StubHub! Center operations.
  12. Can residents or community-based organizations utilize The StubHub! Center for various functions and events?
    If residents or community-based organizations desire to use The Home Depot Center they need to submit a written request at least 30 days in advance with the date, time and description of the proposed event. If there is availability, The StubHub! Center and the individual or organization will enter into an agreement consisting of certain terms and conditions. All City of Carson residents receive a 20% discount on facility rentals including the American Express Stadium Club Restaurant and Bar, soccer fields, and basketball, volleyball and tennis courts.
  13. How much money does The StubHub! Center provide back to the City due to the ticket tax, and where is that money placed in the City's budget?
    Since March 21, 2009, the City of Carson has received a 2% tax on ticket sales at The StubHub! Center. The first $250,000 received was earmarked for a teen or youth center in Carson. Since the tax was established, the City has received $959,000 which has helped finance several City programs and services. The 2% ticket tax agreement between the City and The StubHub! Center expires on June 30, 2016.
The StubHub! Center Fact Sheet Frequently Asked Questions About The StubHub! Center

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