General Plan

  What is a General Plan?
A General Plan is a comprehensive long-range planning tool that local governments create to guide the growth of the community. It serves as a kind of constitution for the community to use to evaluate new development and improvements for conformity with it. It usually has a ten to twenty year time frame. The State of California requires all local governments to have General Plans and sets specific guidelines for what must be included and how a plan must be adopted. The state guidelines also suggest that General Plans should be reviewed and updated as required.
  General Plan Contents  
  Click on the links below to view/download the elements or chapters of the Hearing Draft General Plan Update. Most maps are not available online, except the Land Use Maps  
  Final Environmental Impact Report (consists of following 4 documents)  
  • Responses to Comments (PDF Format)
  • Appendices (available at the Development Services counter in City Hall)



  Recirculated EIR ( General Plan Environmental Impact Report)  
Table of Contents  
Section 1 Introduction and Purpose
Section 3 Project Description
    Exhibit 3-1 Regional Location
    Exhibit 3-2 Local Vicinity
    Exhibit 3-3 Study Area Locations
    Exhibit 3-4 Proposed General Plan Use Map
Environmental Analysis  
Section 4.1 Land Use
    Exhibit 4.1-1 Vacant and Underutilized Land
    Exhibit 4.1-2 Redevelopment Project Areas
Section 4.3 Transportation / Circulation
    Exhibit 4.3-1 Existing Roadway Network
    Exhibit 4.3-2 Traffic Flow Map
    Exhibit 4.3-3 1981 Master Plan of Highways
    Exhibit 4.3-4 Bicycle Plan
    Exhibit 4.3-5 Truck Routes
    Exhibit 4.3-6 Bus Routes
    Exhibit 4.3-7 Existing Level of Service
    Exhibit 4.3-8 Project Trip Distribution
    Exhibit 4.3-9 Future AM Peak Hour Deficient Segments
    Exhibit 4.3-10 Future PM Peak Hour Deficient Segments
    Exhibit 4.3-11 Plan of Streets and Highways
    Exhibit 4.3-12 Street Cross-Sections
    Exhibit 4.3-13 Maximum Feasible Intersection Concept
Section 4.4 Air Quality
Section 4.5 Noise
    Exhibit 4.5-1 Location of Noise Measurements
    Exhibit 4.5-2 Sensitive Receptor Location Map
    Exhibit 4.5-3 Existing Noise Contours (2001)
    Exhibit 4.5-4 Future Noise Contours (2020)

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