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All applications must be submitted by April 19, 2018

The City has received inquiries concerning thoroughness of information required for an application to be considered complete when submitted to the City. These inquiries include questions concerning proof of insurance, vehicle types and property ownership. All applicants must comply with application requirements. All applications will be reviewed and considered within the context of information that, in the sole determination of the City, is reasonably in good faith available to the applicant at time of submission and/or which can be reasonably in good faith supplemented at a subsequent time (with no detriment to the City).
The City may subsequently provide additional information here concerning further inquiries which are relevant to general application submittal.



  • A. Please use these forms to comply with Section D(5) of the Main Application:
  1. Carson Employee/Owner Background application – to be completed by each employee and/or owner of the business and submitted with their business permit application.
    Background Check Application
  2. Intelifi Background Waiver – to be signed by each employee and/or owner of the business and submitted with their business permit application. We use Intelifi to pull background information and they require this waiver to be signed.
    Intelifi Background Waiver
  3. FCRA Summary of Rights – to be disseminated to each employee and/or owner applying for a background check. By law, applicants must receive a copy of their FCRA rights since we run credit reports.
    FCRA Summary of Rights
  • B. Please use this form to comply with section C(17) of the main application:

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