Contractors License

All contractors and subcontractors doing business in the City of Carson are required to obtain a city business license. Every general and engineering contractor hiring subcontractors for the performance of any work on each project in the City under his control or direction, whether the subcontract is written or oral, shall require each subcontractor to have a business license for the year or years in which such subcontractor's work is to be done at the time such subcontract is made and before permitting such subcontractor to begin to perform services on any such project of said general or engineering contractor. Failure of such general or engineering contractor to comply with the foregoing provisions shall render such general or engineering contractors liable to the City for an additional license fee equal to the amount of such subcontractor's unpaid license fee, plus any penalties for delinquency accruing thereon.

In addition to the license fees, an initial application fee in the amount of $100.00 is applied to all commercial businesses located within the City boundaries. Businesses located outside the city boundaries have a $25.00 application fee. The annual renewal processing fee is $15.00.

Each general or engineering contractor shall furnish the Revenue Manager with a list of all subcontractors that do work on any project of such general or engineering contractor in the City upon forms furnished by the City.

Please refer to the links below for detailed contractor and subcontractors requirements and forms.
Please contact the Revenue Division at (310) 952-1748 if you have any further questions regarding your city's licensing requirements.

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