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On August 21, 2022, Parter Medical Products, Inc. (Parter) voluntarily shut down its ethylene oxide (EtO) operations until the facility can upgrade its air pollution controls.
Parter is located at 17015 Kingsview Avenue in Carson. EtO is a flammable, colorless gas that is used by the facility to sterilize medical devices.
Earlier this year, the Carson City Council unanimously voted to request air monitors be placed in various locations of the city to monitor air quality.
“It is important to ensure the safety of our residents and continue to work with South Coast AQMD to not only identify the sources of potential air pollutants in our community, but also to take preventative measures to reduce/monitor emissions,” said Mayor of Carson Lula Davis-Holmes.
The City of Cason was advised by South Coast AQMD that an air pollutant discharge by Parter may constitute a health hazard late in July in the nearby industrial area.
South Coast AQMD has conducted multiple on-site inspections at the facility and conducted field operations in the surrounding area. On July 29, 2022, a Notice of Violation was issued to Parter for Public Nuisance in violation of agency Rule 402 and California Health & Safety Code § 41700. This violation was based on elevated EtO emissions detected through air monitoring efforts outside of the facility at an adjacent business.
South Coast AQMD is further investigating EtO emissions in the nearby residential communities and the agency is working with the City of Carson to identify additional locations to collect 24-hour samples in the nearest community and school. So far, data from residential monitors show EtO levels to be within typical background levels.
Parter has indicated their EtO equipment will remain shut down until additional air pollution controls can be implemented including the modifications and upgrades to air pollution control equipment and temporary enclosures. The facility has initiated the permitting process for the upgrades and South Coast AQMD will review and approve those applications as quickly as possible.
During South Coast AQMD’s monitoring efforts at several commercial EtO sterilization facilities, the agency became aware of fugitive emissions from sources that were not previously known. South Coast AQMD’s investigation has identified that existing pollution controls will need to be upgraded and measures will be needed to reduce fugitive emissions.
South Coast AQMD is working on amending Rule 1405 – Control of Ethylene Oxide and Chlorofluorocarbon Emissions from Sterilization or Fumigation Processes to strengthen requirements to address fugitive emissions, as well as provisions to further reduce EtO emissions from operations at these facilities.
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