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All residents of Carson are invited to participate in the City's Lyft Ride Services program by applying  promo code: LyftCarson

  • Pick-up AND Drop-off must be within Carson
  • Receive 50% off your ride, up to a maximum trip cost of $20
  • Riders must be 18 years of age or older to request a ride
  • Limited to 30 rides per month. Ride balance will automatically revert to 30 at the starts of each month
  • Tips and any amount over $20 will be charged to the credit card on file
Transportation Hours
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

We are closed Fridays, Weekends & Holidays

Phone Number:
(310) 952-1757

801 E. Carson St.
Carson, CA 90745
Please take a moment to review the Lyft Rider Consent form and the City’s terms and conditions below. By applying the code to your ride, you agree to be bound by these terms. Click here to review terms.

How to Ride
  • If you don't have a Lyft account, download the Lyft app
    on the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android)
  • Sign up and register your account
  • Open the app and select the menu bar (top left-hand corner)
  • Select "Payment", then "Add Lyft Pass", and enter promo code: LyftCarson
  • Ride type: select "Lyft"
  • Lyft will then match you with the closest driver in the area. Wait times may range from 4-6 minutes.
  • Once you are matched with a driver, you will see their name and information on your screen. Please verify the driver's name or license plate number upon arrival.
  • Although tipping is not required, any tips or ride costs over $20 will be charged to your personal account.

  • Lyft Rider Consent:
    As an eligible Participant receiving Ride Codes under the Program, you acknowledge and accept any Program benefits and use of the Lyft App is subject to the following conditions. All Riders and Drivers are asked to stay home if they are sick and should work with medical professional to discuss transportation options if they need to see a doctor. Per the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone who suspects they may have or diagnosed with Covid-19 should not use ridesharing. For more information on Covid-19 and CDC guidelines, visit the CDC's website here.
  • Under the California Public Records Act (PRA), Participant information may be disclosed with the exception of personal payment information and proprietary company information belonging to Lyft which is exempt from disclosure under the PRA. For avoidance of doubt, all personal information of participants will be redacted in compliance with Lyft's Privacy Policy, to the extent such information is exempt from disclosure under the PRA.
  • Lyft ride services are not intended to be used for or as an alternative to emergency medical transportation services such as traditional 911 services.
  • Accommodations for ADA-accessible rides through Lyft are available through Lyft Access. To enable this feature, select the menu bar on the home page (top-left hand corner), select Settings, then click "Wheelchair access." For more information, please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Does the LYFTCARSON have an expiration date?
The City code is currently active and available for use until further notice.
How do I secure the discount price for my ride?
The promo code must be applied to your Lyft user profile PRIOR to requesting your ride.
Open the app and select the menu bar (top left-corner), Select "Promos" and enter promo code: LyftCarson.
To receive 50% off, your pick-up AND drop-off locations must reside within the boundaries of Carson.
How can I contact Lyft's customer service?
Lyft' main online help center can be found here.
Lost and Found
Are my kids allowed to request and take their own rides?
Participants requesting a ride must be 18 years of age or older. Minors (17 years of age or under) are allowed to take Lyft rides WITH adult accompaniment.
Can I request a Lyft ride for a friend or family member?
Yes. As long as they are 18 years of age or older, and the trip Starts AND Ends within the boundaries of Carson. Click "Search Destination" on the home page of the app, enter their pick-up and drop-off location, then select "Done" on the top right-hand corner. Once Lyft matches you with a driver, call or text your driver to give them a head’s up that they will be picking up your friend or family member, not you.

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City Hall Contact

701 E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 830-7600, 7 AM - 6 PM
Monday - Thursday
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