About Public Works

Public Works Organization Chart
Within Public Works, there are 3 divisions working together to accomplish the department's vision and mission. Under the leadership of the Public Works Director, Engineering, Landscape Building Maintenance (LBM), and Right of Way (ROW) all contribute to work towards a better future for Carson's residents and visitors.
FY 21/22 Mission
In March 2021, Carson City Council created a new vision and mission. Public Works is currently assessing how to best implement this. The main objective of the department is to be proactive on evaluating value, not simply costs, of its projects and programs. Public Works seeks to reach a high-level of quality service by planning effective operations to overcome anticipated issues and challenges.

A key role that the Public Works Department plays for the City of Carson and its importance to the City's operations, include the following:
  • Road maintenance and safety
  • Beautification
  • Implementing required components for economic development

In FY 21-22, Public Works will be evaluating both the current conditions of the city, and how to achieve the short and long-term goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are specifically related to infrastructure, bike lanes, facility upgrades, street repair and maintenance, and landscape maintenance.

In some cases, this may involve finding new grants for Carson, and in others, it may involve completing studies that will provide the vision and incentives for the future.

A main goal for this fiscal year will be to evaluate the deferred maintenance needs of Carson. Since the City is 53 years old, these projects involve streets, sidewalks, medians, buildings, turf, trees, and utilities.

Specific tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Develop master plans for landscape, fiber, utilities, recycled water, asset management, sidewalks, and stormwater compliance
  • Determine drought-proof requirements by working with local and regional agencies
  • Recommend updates to city ordinances, policies and procedures related to Public Works
  • Develop a targeted grant program for city activities with the goal of securing additional grant funding
  • Evaluate internal software systems
  • Identify and implement traffic signal improvements throughout the city
  • Complete the conversion of approximately 7,000 utility-owned streetlights to LEDs
  • Develop a multi-year fleet replacement plan that prioritizes the transition to electric vehicles
  • Enhance Public Works' engineering, sustainability, and operations on city website
  • Develop a plan to transition certain components of our diesel and gas-powered lawn equipment to electric versions
  • Continue to share and participate in the Clean Power Alliance program and advocate benefits to the community
  • Procure a project labor compliance consultant to track, monitor, and confirm that targets are met
  • Establish a Small and Disadvantaged Business Framework and set requirements for inclusion in projects

FY 20/21 Accomplishments
  • Completion of new Corporate Yard facility
  • Updated the Citizen Services Request on the city website
  • Streamlined the inspection scheduling process to a computer-based system
  • Responded to over 2,100 Citizen Service Requests
    • 1,800 work orders completed for trees
    • 1,500 for streets and sidewalks
    • 700 for graffiti
  • Improved parks with laser leveling of fields and aerification
  • Planted over 1,000 trees
  • Filled Warehouse Supervisor, Fleet Supervisor, and Sanitation Officer roles
  • Completed a facility analysis focused on critical equipment
  • Designed and installed new bike lanes on Sepulveda Boulevard
  • Installed bike racks throughout the city
  • Had two successful E-Waste events that generated over 40 tons of e-waste
  • Collected over 23.4 tons of storm drain trash before it entered waterways
  • Received over $7.25 million in transportation grants through Measure M multi-year regional and sub-regional programs
  • Completed Project No. 1603 Albertoni Street Rehabilitation, including insertion of bike lanes, funded by SB1
  • Completed Project No. 1393-2 and 1411-2 Sepulveda Street Rehabilitation
  • Completed Project No. 1413-3 Annual Slurry Seal
  • Repaired Newkirk Avenue storm drain to eliminate flooding

City Hall Contact

701 E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 830-7600, 7 AM - 6 PM
Monday - Thursday
24-hour automated: (310) 952-1700


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