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Public Works Equipment Display
Tuesday, 5/23/2023
Carson Event Center East Parking Lot
The Public Works Department is committed to providing the City of Carson a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Through the design, construction, maintenance, and management of the municipal infrastructure system, Public Works seeks to enhance the overall quality of life for the community.

The Public Works staff includes 143 positions. The department has 127 full-time regular employees, 16 full-time equivalent employees, and 32 part-time employees. The Public Works team collaborates both internally and externally to accomplish projects that enrich the quality of life for Carson's residents and visitors.
Public Works City Hall
Public Works City Hall
701 East Carson Street

Public Works Corporate Yard
Public Works Corporate Yard
18620 South Broadway Street

The Director of Public Works leads three interrelated divisions: Engineering, Landscape/Building Maintenance, and Right of Way.

The Engineering Division is the foundation of a modern Public Works department and is responsible for assisting the other two divisions with project management and technical skills. The engineering team determines which studies are required to inform the department on deficiencies, regulatory requirements, compliance, cost effectiveness, efficient approaches, and strategic plans. These activities inform executive management and City Council in determining project priority.

The Landscape and Building Maintenance (LBM) Division is one part of Public Works' Operations at Corporate Yard. It is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the municipal facilities, parks, and athletic fields. LBM also provides landscaping for Carson by tree trimming, right of way maintenance, median maintenance, and parkway trees. These services enable the safe use of public spaces, enhance the cleanliness of the city, and provide greenery to increase attractiveness of the public right of way.

The Right of Way (ROW) Division is the other part of Public Works' Operations at Corporate Yard. It maintains infrastructure and street maintenance within the public right of way to ensure public safety. It is responsible for signage, pavement markings, striping, street sweeping, materials abatement, and construction. It also works with waste management including demolition waste diversion, used oil, solid waste, and electronic recycling management. The assets of the division include warehouse inventory, fleet vehicles, and equipment.
Public Works Organization Chart


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