Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance Section is to provide quality maintenance, repair, and operations to City facilities with a commitment to ensuring safe, reliable, and sustainable facilities for residents, businesses, visitors, and employees of the City of Carson.

The two Facility Supervisors are responsible for making sure a building is clean, safe, and useful for its intended purposes. This involves creating cleaning schedules for 18 janitors, creating maintenance schedules for capital assets and delegating work requests to 20 specialized technicians.
The Facility Maintenance Section provides services to:
  • City Civic Center
  • Community Center
  • 16 community buildings
  • Public Works Corporate Yard
  • Parks and Recreation Building
Public Works - Facility Maintenance-City Hall

The Facility Maintenance Section is committed to providing friendly and efficient service for a graffiti-free environment for the comfort and enjoyment of all residents and businesses in the community. Currently, the graffiti crews work a compressed workweek, Monday through Thursday, 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If necessary, on Friday and weekends, either Public Safety Code Enforcement, or the Sheriff�s Department can call back maintenance staff to respond to a rash of graffiti scrawling or offensive markings. Under the program guidelines graffiti is removed in public rights-of-way, both public and private property, from wooden fences, cinder block walls, chain-link fences with privacy material, sidewalks, some signs, curbs, mailboxes, utility boxes and poles, building structures, trees, some public bridges, overpasses, and some areas within the flood control. The crews work in concert with a Crime Analyst in the Public Safety/L.A. County Sheriff Department for the purpose of tracking statistics to aid in identification of graffiti perpetrators.

The crews use digital cameras (iPad) for recording all graffiti removed especially gang related graffiti. The information collected for each request is � date, location, type of removal method, and approximate square feet of graffiti removed. Information is stored and forwarded to the Crime Analyst of Public Safety/L.A. County Sheriff Department to chart graffiti and keep records of tagging styles, names, locations, etc. The Sheriff Department can use the information when arrests are made, and cost breakdowns are needed for prosecution.
Public Works - Facility Maintenance - Ground Cleaning

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