Fraud Hotline

On December 21, 2004, the City Council approved the establishment of a City of Carson Fraud Hotline for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud. With the establishment of a Fraud Hotline, our City is taking a pro-active position against fraud. The Hotline is an option for employees, contractors, vendors, citizens and the business community to report activity that causes loss or harm to the City, its employees, vendors or customers. Callers have the option to disclose their identity or remain anonymous.

The Fraud Hotline should only be used for a limited set of issues. Please review the information below before calling to make sure that you contact the right location.
  • Do you want to request information or report a service problem?
    Visit this website City - Service Request
  • Is your report about a personnel issue (discrimination, sexual harassment, substance abuse, or workplace violence or threats)?
    These issues should not be reported to the Fraud Hotline unless you have already attempted to report the issue directly to your supervisor or to a department head, the Director of Human Resources, or the City Manager, or if you believe that reporting to one of these people would not adequately address your issue or concern.
  • Is your question or report about an elected official (Mayor, City Councilperson, City Clerk, or Treasurer)?
    Please be aware that the City will only investigate Fraud Hotline reports about elected officials if they concern the safety and well-being of City employees, or the theft of City finances. The City will not investigate reports about election fraud, conflicts of interest, or violations of governmental ethics. Instead, reports about these issues will be immediately forwarded to the Los Angeles District Attorney's office or the California Fair Political Practices Commission.
The following list gives examples of the kinds of conduct that should be reported to the Fraud Hotline, although this list is not exhaustive:
  • Bribery
  • Kickbacks
  • Theft of Government Property
  • False Claims for Payment
  • Forging Financial Documents
  • Misuse of Government Property
  • Use of Coercion, Threats, or Position of Authority for Personal Gain
  • Willful Failure to Perform Duties
  • Deceptive Accounting Practices
  • Other Kinds of Misconduct Involving Government Finances or Assets
If you have information about fraud in the City of Carson that fits the description above, please click on the link below enter External411 and click next, then follow the prompts to report your concern:

The reporting facility is administered by an organization called STOPit, which is not part of the City. Please be aware that providing your contact information is optional and is for the purpose of contacting you to ask follow up questions, if necessary. However, your name and contact information will be kept confidential. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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