Children, Pets, Service Providers, Reunion

Child Safety

Does your child know or carry ...
  • Contact names and numbers (home, work, pager, cell, e-mail)?
  • Emergency procedures including how to call 911?
  • Where to meet in case of an emergency? (see below)
  • How to recognize danger signals (such as fire alarms)?

Do you and school officials ...
  • Know school emergency procedures? Is school prepared?
  • Have contact names and numbers (home, work, pager, cell, e-mail)?
  • Have updated information to reach parent and caretakers for pick up?
  • Know type of authorization school requires to release a child to someone?

Do you ...
  • Limit your child's T.V. viewing of news and raw footage of disasters?
  • Make sure baby-sitter knows emergency procedures?

Pets & Service Animal Safety

  • Keep license and I.D. tags current with your telephone number and your out-of-town contact number.
  • Make arrangements with neighbors to rescue or care for pet.
  • For evacuation: keep on a leash and pack supplies that include food, water bowl, blanket, and plastic bags for disposing of feces.
  • Plan how they will be cared for after evacuation. Pets, in contrast to service animals, may not be allowed in shelters due to health regulations.

Service Providers
Name Phone, Email Other
  • List health care providers on next page.
  • Include utilities, insurance, clergy, home health care, legal, etc.

Reunion Procedures
Inside or
near home
Priority Location: (Neighbor, relative, etc.)
  • Identify reunion places where family will meet if house cannot be entered.
  • Leave a note in a designated place where you will meet

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