Jawane Hilton, Mayor Pro Tem, District 1

Mayor Pro Tempore - Jawane Hilton, District 1
Mayor Pro Tempore, District 1
Jawane Hilton
Re-Elected: November 2020
Term expires: November 2024

Phone: (310) 952-1700 Ext. 1715
Email: JHilton@carsonca.gov
Jawane Hilton is an educator and pastor who is committed to bringing diverse groups of people together to get things done for Carson neighborhoods. He was elected to Council in June 2015 and appointed as Mayor Pro Tem in January 2018 and re-appointed in 2022. He was re-elected to his second term on the Council on November 3, 2020.

Jawane is the founder City on the Hill Church in Carson. He now serves as the Bishop of Brister Baptist Church. Jawane also founded a school that focuses on helping at-risk youth get the education and job training they need to be successful. He previously served as a member of both Carson's Public Safety Commission and Human Relations Commission, and worked as the director of public policy for a local non-profit organization.

Born and raised in Carson, Jawane attended Annalee Elementary School, Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle School, and Carson High School. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from California State University, Northridge and a Masters of Divinity Degree from the Haggard School of Theology (HST) at Azusa Pacific University. Jawane graduated from Payne Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry degree in May 2023.

He is also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.

Jawane and his wife are Carson homeowners and are parents to three adorable daughters.

Jawane has brought over 4 billion dollars of community assets to the City of Carson, District 1. He has championed new housing communities, businesses, and a state-of- the-art outdoor shopping mall to the City of Carson, District 1. He continues to have an impact in the following areas.

Carson's COVID-19 Response
  • Successfully advocates for County, State, and Federal COVID-19 resources for Carson residents and businesses.
  • Ensures that the City Manager prepares, publishes, implements, and updates a comprehensive city-wide plan that addresses current pandemic issues as well as strategies to recover and address potential future outbreaks.
  • Works with local schools, nonprofits, and other groups to educate residents about available resources and infection prevention and provides on-going COVID-19 information and updates.
NO Political Gridlock at City Hall
  • Commits to remain independent, but collaborative, in the analysis of Council issues and votes according to what is best for Carson without political pressure or influence from colleagues.
  • Works in partnership with fellow Council Members, City Management, and other key persons to ensure the establishment and affirmation of the culture void of political rhetoric and grandstanding and focuses on resident and fiscal impact.
  • Ensures that all City Council and City Activities are transparent at every level and City Council Members are individually and collectively held accountable for our actions made on behalf of the city.
Emergency Response Times
  • Researches and analyzes city-wide emergency response time data to identify existing gaps in service, delay patterns, and areas of need.
  • Works with local first-responder departments and personnel to address emergency response time inadequacies and develops strategies to increase and expedite local services.
  • Connects with City Leaders and First-Responders in cities throughout the South Bay and other similar municipalities to identify best practices and models for more adequate services.
Green Spaces & Parks
  • Analyzes the various abandoned properties and long-standing vacant areas to determine the feasibility of converting them into additional green spaces.
  • Works with City staff to identify private, business, charitable, and government funds to update and improve Carson parks.
  • Strategizes with and encourages current and future developers to prioritize the availability of green and recreational spaces throughout their residential and commercial projects.
  • Researches, analyzes, and compares performance outcomes and funding levels for Carson schools to identify gaps in the budget and areas of need for educational support.
  • Works with teams within the Carson Community of Schools to increase local awareness and support of Carson schools amongst our residents, businesses, and other city stakeholders.
  • Establishes linkages between various regional postsecondary educational institutions as well as other education and training providers to improve, increase, and expand opportunities for life-long learning.
Immigrant Rights
  • Partners with local community leaders to uplift, celebrate, and affirm the various nations and cultures that are represented throughout Carson.
  • Reviews, monitors, and addresses any reports of discrimination, inadequate services, or other needs expressed by Carson's immigrant population.
  • Works with local leaders and law enforcement to ensure that our residents do not fall victim to harmful federal immigration practices and that Carson remains a safe haven for all of our residents regardless of their ethnic background or national origin.
Carson Small Businesses
  • Utilizes the City of Carson's various communication channels to publicize local, regional, state, and federal small business funding resources and other opportunities for sustaining their businesses.
  • Establishes Small Business Task Force that serves as a hub for developing strategies for Carson small businesses to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and identify and share ideas and plans for post-pandemic recovery.
  • Regularly communicates with Carson small business owners to provide on-going access to local government to express their needs, concerns, and sharable resources, with an emphasis on local restaurants and other basic needs providers.
North Carson Food Desert
  • Works to prevent the establishment of additional discount stores in Carson.
  • Communicates and strategizes with more desirable grocers to encourage and support them in establishing locations in North Carson.
  • Partners with City staff and local community organizations to educate residents on healthy eating options throughout the city.
Social Justice and Civil Rights
  • Works with city management and staff to prevent, identify, and address any reported incidences of racial discrimination and prioritizes services that support such effort.
  • Coordinates and participates in peaceful protests and boycotts in Carson and neighboring areas to bring awareness to issues of local, regional, national, and global significance involving acts of discrimination, bigotry, xenophobia, and hate.
  • Partners with local community groups, law enforcement, and other city officials to promote diversity and inclusion throughout all sectors of the community, including within schools, amongst local businesses, throughout the Carson Sheriff's Station, and within our various neighborhoods and residential areas.
~ Last Update:  May 24, 2023  ~

City Hall Contact

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Carson, CA 90745
(310) 830-7600, 7 AM - 6 PM
Monday - Thursday
24-hour automated: (310) 952-1700


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