California Voting Rights Act – At Large Elections vs. District Based Elections

On September 10, 2019, the City Council approved a contract with a second demographer to provide additional maps for consideration, as well as to produce a new, bilingual Participation Kit for the public to produce its own maps for the Council to consider. While generally similar to the original Participation Kit in most ways, the new Participation Kit is both simpler and more robust in several key respects:
  1. The new kit is posted in both English and Spanish
  2. Additional demographic information is provided, including demographic maps of the Hispanic, Black, and Asian populations.
  3. There is a simple one-page map with population numbers printed in each population unit area, allowing a person to create a map without using Excel.
  4. The paper map and Excel spreadsheet is the most similar to the original Participation Kit, as the Excel spreadsheet also performs the demographic percentage calculations.

Additional Demographic Data:

Draw A Map
Districting is different than most issues that come before the City Council. Instead of being limited to saying you support or oppose a City-prepared ordinance or resolution, you can draw a map yourself!

There are a variety of map-drawing tools available below:
  1. Paper-only maps
  2. Paper maps with a Microsoft Excel Supplement Kit

You can draw the borders of your neighborhood and indicate whether you want it united in one district or if you want your neighborhood to have multiple Councilmembers representing it. Or draw a proposed Council district. Or sketch an entire citywide map of 4 Council districts.

Draw whatever you want the Council to consider and submit it to

After it is submitted, the City's demographic consultants will generate the population and other demographic details for your proposed map. After you draw your proposed plan(s), be sure to compare them with the other maps posted to the Draft Maps column.

Paper-Only Maps
Draw your proposed map on any city map, or click here to use the PDF map developed for this project. Instructions, including how to submit your proposed map of districts, are on the one page PDF file.

Microsoft Excel Supplement
Are you familiar with the basic functions of Microsoft Excel? Then you can let Excel do the total population and demographic math for you. First, download and save the Excel file to your computer. Then use the Excel file and the Map of Population Unit ID numbers (either the PDF map or the online interactive map) to assign the Population Units to your desired districts. Excel will provide the resulting demographics for each district.
New Maps as of Oct. 28, 2019
Draft 1, Draft 2, and Draft 1T have the same boundaries as Draft 1, Draft 2, and Draft 1T but have been recolored for consistency.
NDC Maps have been prepared by a different demographer, NDC Demographics.
Draft Maps

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