Overweight Vehicle Special Permit Program

Certain overweight vehicles operating in the City of Carson require an Overweight Vehicle Special Permit (OVSP). An OVSP is required for motor vehicles that transport ocean-shipping containers with reducible loads and have a total weight of greater than 80,000 pounds. The maximum total weight allowed under this permit is 95,000 pounds. The approved overweight vehicle routes are shown on the attached Overweight Vehicle Special Permit Routes map.

To obtain a new or renew an Overweight Vehicle Special Permit please contact the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works or visit their website to apply online and learn more.

Website: http://ladpw.org/spats/public/

County of Los Angeles
Public Works Department
900 S. Fremont Ave, 8th Floor
Alhambra, CA 91803

Phone: (626) 458-3126
Fax: (626) 979-5465

Additional requirements: Require proof of financial responsibility in an amount required for compliance with California Vehicle Code Section 16500.5.

Overweight Vehicle

To read the Carson Municipal Code Section pertaining to the Overweight Vehicle Special Permit Program please visit: http://www.codepublishing.com/ca/carson.html. The information can be found under Article III- Public Safety, Chapter 2- Traffic Regulations, Part 7- Truck Regulations, Section- 3262 Overweight Vehicle Special Permit Program.

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