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Educational Information Now Available About Measure R: A November Election Ballot Measure to Consider Continuing 2% Utility Users Tax

During the November 2022 General Municipal Election, Carson residents will be able to vote on Measure R, which, if approved, would continue the existing 2% Utility Users Tax (“UUT“). The UUT is collected from Carson residents and businesses by utility service providers (e.g. Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas) and is remitted to the City of Carson. This tax revenue is used to fund a variety of general City services, such as sheriff and park safety patrols, senior and youth services, and parks and street maintenance programs, and other general services.

If approved, the Measure continues the existing 2% UUT and could provide approximately $8 million annually, until the UUT is ended by Carson voters. Measure R does not remove any accountability requirements (e.g., the Citizen Oversight Committee), and all revenue from Measure R would continue to stay within Carson.

If you would like to learn more about Measure R, please visit the City’s informational webpage at This webpage includes Frequently Asked Questions, information about UUT exemptions, and more. If you have questions about Measure R, please contact the Public Information Office at (310) 952-1740 or email

How Measure R will appear on your November 2022 ballot:

CARSON ESSENTIAL SERVICES PROTECTION MEASURE. “To maintain City services such as 911 emergency response, public safety; natural disaster/public health emergency preparedness; protect local drinking water; repair streets/potholes and other general City services, shall the measure, continuing the existing 2% Utility Users Tax (no tax increase) limited to electric/gas utilities, exempting senior and low-income households, providing approximately $8,000,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring public spending disclosure, all funds for Carson, be adopted?“

To vote on Measure R in the City of Carson, you need to register to vote by the October 24, 2022 deadline:

• Check your registration voter status on the State of California’s Voter Status website.
• Go to the California Online Voter Registration webpage to register.
• Visit the Carson Election Information webpage for more details about how to register to vote.

If you would like to learn more about the November 8 election, please visit the City’s 2022 Election webpage and/or read the Fast Facts Sheet. If you have questions about the election, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (310) 952-1720 or

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