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Carson City Council and staff continues to follow up with the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau at the California Department of Consumer Affairs to find out if there is any additional information that we can offer concerned families regarding the closure of Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery. The City of Carson did not close, nor own or operate the cemetery.

The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau have opened an investigation and are looking into the issue to determine the best course of action within their jurisdiction. At this time, the City of Carson does not have any additional information to provide as to the reason it is closed, nor when it will reopen. The City proactively issued a flyer encouraging affected individuals to file a complaint with the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau and informing residents that we have attempted to make contact, but Lincoln Memorial Park is unreachable. Prior to the influx of calls received, City Staff visited the cemetery and confirmed that the site has a lock on the gate, there is no staff on the premises and the phone number listed is unreachable.

City of Carson Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes said, “On behalf of myself, my fellow colleagues and staff, we empathize with everyone affected by the unexplained closure of Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery. Carson is a family made of nearly 100,000 members and when one of us hurts, the entire family can feel it. If we find out any additional information, we will notify our residents/family immediately. We are stronger together and look forward to finding answers together.”

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