The District at South Bay 2021

Project Description:
  • Site Plan and Design Review, General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Amendment, Vesting Tentative Tract Map, Development Agreement, Supplemental Environmental Impact Report
  • The 2021 Specific Plan Amendment would retain the same land uses adopted by the City under 2018 Specific Plan for Planning Areas 1 and 2, including residential (1,250 units), regional commercial (696,500 square feet), and restaurant (15,000 square feet).
  • The revisions to the 2021 Project would occur entirely within Planning Area 3 of the Specific Plan, which is proposed to introduce approximately 1,567,090 square feet of new light industrial uses and up to approximately 12 acres of park and community serving uses.
  • The Specific Plan Amendment will guide development through enforceable development standards, design guidelines and implementation measures.
Final District at South Bay Specific Plan Amendment
District Notice of Determination (NOD)
Ordinance No. 22-2207_SPA � Executed
Ordinance No. 22-2208_ DA � Executed
Resolution No. 22-073_GPA- Executed
Resolution No. 22-085_Affirming PC � Executed

City Council Hearing on Monday, May 23, 2022
City Council Hearing Notice
City Council Hearing Presentation, May 23, 2023

Agenda Item 2022-414 Affirming Planning Commission approval of the SPA, GPA and DA (Councilmember Rojas Appeal) Rojas Appeal, Staff Report
  1. Exhibit 1_Appeal_Special Planning Commission Staff Report, April 18, 2022
  2. Exhibit 2_Appeal Application from Council Member Arleen Rojas 04-21-22
  3. Exhibit 3_Appeal_City Council Resolution No. 22-085 Upholding PC Decision_REV

Item 2022-376 Consideration of Specific Plan Amendment, General Plan Amendment and Development Agreement
Agenda Item 2022-376 Staff Report
  1. Exhibit 1_ PC Minutes 2022_04-18
  2. Exhibit 2_Special Planning Commission Staff Report, April 18, 2022
  3. Exhibit 3_PC Resolution No. 22-2830 Approving DOR 1877-2021 TTM 84381 and 2022 SEIR
  4. Exhibit 4_PC Resolution No. 22-2831 Recommending CC Approval of SPA 27-2021, DA 29-2021 and GPA 112-2021
  5. Exhibit 5_CC Reso-22-073-District GPA_2022_05-16
  6. Exhibit 6_Ordinance-22-2207-District_SPA_2022_05-16
  7. Exhibit 7_Ordinance-22-2208-District DA_2022_05-16
  8. Exhibit 8_CC Resolution No. 22-085 Upholding PC approval of Resolution No. 22-2830
  9. Exhibit 9_District at South Bay Specific Plan Amendment_redline
  10. Exhibit 10_District General Plan Amendment No. 112-2021
  11. Exhibit 11_District at South Bay Development Agreement No. DA 29-2021_REV1
  12. Exhibit 12_District DOR 1877-2021
  13. Exhibit 13_District VTTM 83481
  14. Exhibit 14_TheDistrict_FinalSEIR_2022-04-06
  15. Exhibit 15_CEQA Findings of Fact and SOC
  16. Exhibit 16_Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report
  17. Exhibit 17_Response to Teamsters Local Union No. 396 letter
  18. Exhibit 18_Comparison of Project Mitigation to Fontana Warehouse Ordinance
  19. Exhibit 19_Specific Plan Amendment Errata 2022_05-17
  20. Exhibit 20_District COA_DOR_ERRATA_2022_05-16
  21. Exhibit 21_District COA_VTTM_ERRATA
  22. Exhibit 22_District COA_SPA_ERRATA_2022_05-15

Special Planning Commission Hearing April 18, 2022

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Environmental Documents:

PRIOR EIR/PRIOR APPROVALS: The 157 Acre Site was previously analyzed for development pursuant to: (1) a Final Environmental Impact Report for the Carson Marketplace Specific Plan (SCH No. 2005051059), which was certified by the City of Carson on February 8, 2006 (2006 FEIR); (2) Addendum 1 to the 2006 FEIR, which was approved in March 2009; and (3) a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, which was certified by the City on April 3, 2018 (2018 SEIR). In connection with these prior environmental studies, the Carson Marketplace Specific Plan was amended and renamed The District at South Bay Specific Plan, which was approved by the City on April 3, 2018 in connection with the 2018 SEIR. Link to previous documents

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