Carousel Tract Pilot Test Work Plan

Pilot Test Work Plan

The Pilot Test Work Plan, Remedial Excavation and In-Situ Treatment Pilot Testing was approved by the Regional Water Quality
Control Board on November 23, 2011.
Pilot Test Work Plan
Addendum 1 to Pilot Test Work Plan
Addendum 2 to Pilot Test Work Plan

Bioventing Pilot Test Activity

Bioventing involves adding air to the soil to promote natural degradation of hydrocarbons in the soil. This procedure poses no health
risk to residents.

A portable soil vapor extraction unit (pictured on the public notice) and generator will be parked on the street, in front or near the subject
residence for approximately 16 days. Prior to scheduling, URS conducted test exercises for city staff and the Regional Board to observe
potential noise impacts. Modifications have been implemented to mitigate noise from the generator and soil vapor extraction unit. The
generator and soil vapor extraction unit satisfy the requirements within the city's noise ordinance.

URS has begun pilot testing for the Bioventing method and public notices will be mailed out as access to properties are granted
and scheduling completed. Notices will be mailed out to all residents and property owners within a 300 foot radius and to
properties with direct visibility to equipment. URS anticipates testing at the following locations: 

 Bioventing Fact Sheet

Excavation Pilot Testing

 Excavation Pilot Testing Fact Sheet                Prueba Piloto de Excavacion Hoja de Informacion

The city of Carson Building and Safety division is currently reviewing plans to issue grading permits  for the excavation pilot testing
for the following six properties:

Portions of the front or rear yards will be excavated to a depth of approximately 10 feet. Upon completion of the excavation, the
holes will be filled and compacted with clean soil. 
Please review the Pilot Test Work Plan for more detail information related to the upcoming activities that will be occurring in your





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