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Carson's future is unlimited and part of improving the future of this city starts within. Rebuilding morale, being an advocate for all our staff, shifting the culture and focusing on our internal operations has been my focus within my first 90 days. I believe in being collaborative and partnering with our community and businesses. Now that morale has increased and we have a healthier and more stable workforce, my next 90 days will focus on external operations (businesses and residents). I will be heavily involved in more of our Economic Development, Businesses/ Innovation Development and Public Operations (Safety & Community Engagement).

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the Carson City Council unanimously approved a structurally balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 for the second year in a row. The total General Fund budget of $104.9 million, balanced without the use of any one-time monies, is consistent with the Mayor and City Council priorities.

The budget makes significant investments in critical infrastructure projects, economic development and innovation, while maintaining a historically strong and healthy reserve of $39.4 million (48% above the City Council reserve policy requirement). Overall, the 2022-2023 budget represents a 13.5% increase over the current year budget that ends June 30, 2022. The increase demonstrates the continued growth of the City’s revenues and the strength of the City of Carson’s economy.

The Adopted Budget furthers an annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP), funding 159 projects and requiring $81.8 million. Capital projects ranges from supporting parks, public safety, roadways, street maintenance and technology. The City also develops a Five Year Capital Improvement Program, which is a guiding document outlining all infrastructure needs of the City. Total funding is not allocated in future years beyond the next fiscal year.

Passing the budget on time is a move in the right direction that sends the message to investors and new businesses that Carson’s future is unlimited and Carson is the right place to invest and do business.

I am optimistic and confident that the City is in a strong financial position to address the needs and the expectations of the Carson residents, implement the Council’s vision and goals, and to continue the long tradition of thoughtful and prudent financial planning. Preparation and adoption of the budget is a team effort involving every City Council member and every employee in our organization. Many thanks to the Finance Department staff led by our outstanding Director of Finance, Tarik Rahmani for their guidance and leadership in the preparation of the annual budget.

For more information about the City budget, please contact the City Manager’s office at (310) 952-1729.

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