Supplemental Benefits Open Enrollment 2022

Virtual Open Enrollment for Supplemental Benefits
Feb. 14 - Mar. 14, 2022

Are you among the 57% of Americans who’ve had to pay an unexpected medical bill? Did you think, “But I have health insurance. I should be covered?” That’s why there’s Aflac. We can pay you cash directly to help cover that bill or any other expense you may have. Aflac helps provide you with peace of mind when you need it most. Learn more about how Aflac can help you. Follow this link to schedule an appointment:
Colonial Life
You never know when an unexpected illness or injury could leave you and your family with financial difficulties. Health insurance can help, but you can still have deductibles, co-payments and, other out of pocket expenses. That’s where voluntary benefits come in. Sometimes called supplemental insurance, voluntary benefits are designed to complement your health insurance and help provide extra financial protection. Please follow the link below to schedule an appointment.

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