2015 All-America City Award Winner

City of Carson Stakes the Claim as a 2015 All-America City Award Winner
l-r: Deputy Fredrick Noya, Alex Guerrero, Cedric Hick, Sr., Dani Cook, Ngozichukwu Mordi, Kiani Dean, Matthew Smith, and Dr. William Franklin

On June 14, 2015, the City of Carson was named the recipient of the 2015 All-America City Award given by the National Civic League (NCL). Carson was one of 10 communities that received this award across the country that has developed innovative solutions to pressing problems.

The award celebrates and recognizes neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, counties, tribes and metro regions that have successfully engaged their residents to tackle critical challenges within their respective community.

The focus of this year's All-America City Awards is on community efforts to engage and support vulnerable young men and boys, aligning with efforts such as The White House's My Brother's Keeper Initiative.

"At a time when the challenges facing our communities can seem overwhelming, places like the Carson community are a critical reminder of the good work being done all across the country," said Gloria Rubio-Cortes, President of the National Civic League.

A team representing Carson joined residents, non-profits, businesses, government leaders, and young people from other 15 finalist communities in Denver, Colorado from June 12-14, 2015. The three community-driven projects for which the City of Carson got the All-America City Award for are:

  • The Gang Diversion Team
  • The Male Success Alliance (MSA)
  • The Joseph B. Jr. and Mary Anne O'Neal Stroke Center.

"Vision is the ability to see beyond the limits of your past and present, and visualize the unlimited potential of an 'Unlimited Future'. Having grown up in Carson, I have seen our City and its residents create an innovation in areas where it was unimaginable," said City of Carson Mayor Albert Robles.

"The City of Carson is an All-America City because we engage and support our community members' visions," added Robles.

For more information about the National Civic League and the All-America City Award, please visit www.nationalcivicleague.org or contact NCL with questions directed to Mike McGrath at mikem@ncl.org or Aaron Leavy at aaronl@ncl.org or call (303) 571-4343.

l-r: Gang Diversion Team (Kiani Dean and Deputy Fredrick Noya), All-America City, l-r: Anthony Graves, Alex Guerrero


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