Mobilehome Space Rent Control Ordinance

On March 6, 2018, the City Council City Council adopted the Ordinance No. 17-1622, effective April 5, 2018, amending the City's Mobilehome Space Rent Control Ordinance to establish the CPI Rent Increase to replace the General Rent Increase. The ordinance covers all 21 rent-controlled mobile parks within the City of Carson, and allows for three types of rent increases for mobile home parks.

Capital Improvement Rent Increases: Capital Improvement Rent Increases reimburse a park owner for a one-time repair or upgrade to the park that is outside of ordinary maintenance (e.g., replacement of the clubhouse roof or addition of a putting golf course). Park owners may request a Capital Improvement Rent Increase as often as needed, but these increases are temporary. Once the residents have collectively reimbursed the park owner for the expense (and the interest charged for reimbursing the owner over a prolonged period of time), the rent increase is no longer in effect.

Capital Improvement Rent Increases require approval from the Mobilehome Park Rental Review Board. The current application deposit fee is $13,000. Click here for Capital Improvement Rent Increase application.

Fair Return Rent Increases: Park owners may apply for a Fair Return Rent Increase if he or she believes that a permanent rent increase greater than a CPI Rent Increase is needed for the park to earn a "fair return". Park owners may request a Fair Return Rent Increase once per year and must submit the application for the most recently completed calendar year by June 30th of the following calendar year. Fair Return Rent Increases are permanent.

Fair Return Rent Increases require approval from the Mobilehome Park Rental Review Board. The current application deposit fee is $30,000. Click here for Fair Return Rent Increase application.

CPI Rent Increases: CPI Rent Increases are allowable on an annual basis so that rents increase as the local inflation rate increases (in the event of a decrease in the inflation rate, rent amounts would remain the same, rather than decrease). To be eligible for the CPI increase, park owners must not have received an approved permanent rent increase within 12 months in order to apply. The maximum CPI rent increase that can be applied is the lessor of: (a) 8% percent, or (b) 75% of the change between the CPI used at the time of the last permanent rent increase approval. CPI Rent increases are permanent.

The application fee amounts to $415 to $705 (base, depending on park size) plus $2.00 per mobile home space. Applications are approved at the City Staff level. Allow 60 days for processing. Click here (New!) for CPI application.

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