Pipeline Franchise Application

A franchise is required to lay or construct from time to time, and to maintain, operate, renew, repair, change the size of, remove or abandon in place pipes and pipelines for the collection, transportation or distribution of oil, gas, gasoline, petroleum, wet gas, hydrocarbon substances, water, waste water, mud, steam and other liquid substances which are not more hazardous than the aforementioned substances, together with all manholes, valves, appurtenances and service connections necessary or convenient for the operation of said pipes or pipelines including conduits, cathodic protection devices, wires, cables and other appurtenances necessary or convenient for the exercise of the Franchisee's business, in, under along or across any and all streets within the City of Carson.

Please select below for the Municipal Code stipulating the franchise requirements, pipeline franchise rate sheets and appropriate applications.

Your franchise application must be submitted along with the following documents.

1.    Maps showing the location of the pipelines (6 sets)

2.    Plastic overlay of Thomas Bros. Map page showing pipelines (2 sets)

3.    Legal/narrative description of the lines (6 sets)

4.   Date pipelines were last tested and results of such test if available (2 sets)

5.   Maps showing the location of the pipelines in a GIS format using ArcView, shp file (NAD 83, L.A. County Zone 5).

6.   A copy of your spill/release prevention plan and a copy of your Risk Management plan (RMP), outlining a worst-case scenario impact zone map.

7.   Evidence of participation in a local Community Awareness and Emergency response Association (CAER).

8.   A copy of your five-year safety record indicating any incidents involving releases.

9.   For Common Carrier lines, a copy of the Tariff filed with the California Public Utilities Commission (C.P.U.C.).

If you have further questions regarding the franchise requirements, please contact the Revenue Division staff at (310) 952-1748.

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