Forms and Regulations

  Applications and forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format.
Detailed information and applicable forms can be found within the hyperlink.  Click on the link to receive the information you need.
All businesses require approval from the Planning Department and other agencies, as applicable per the Carson Municipal Code. Failure to obtain approval will delay issuance of your tax certificate.
Payment of business taxes/fees or the issuance of a business tax certificate in no way releases the applicant from compliance with any provision of federal, state, county statues, ordinances, regulations or other laws, including and without limitation to zoning, building, fire, health and safety laws.
Applications, Forms & Regulations
Business License/Permit
Burglar Alarm Permit
Contractors License
Home Occupation  
Yard Sale Permit Application  
Business Mailing Lists Request Form
Real Estate Broker & Salesman
Filming Permit
Tobacco Retailer's Permit
Transient Occupancy Tax
Bingo Permit
Preferential Parking Permit
Change Advice Notice
Massage Parlors & Technicians
Charitable Solicitation Permit 
Trash/Solid Waste Hauling Service
Cable Television
Pipeline Franchise
Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity
Taxi Driver Permit Application
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department License Detail Personal Information Form
UUT Request for Reimbursement Form


For questions regarding your city licensing requirements, please contact the Revenue Division staff at (310) 952-1748.



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