Preferential Parking


To ensure that the residents and their visitors have a place to park in designated neighborhoods and in response to resident petitions regarding student parking, the Carson City Council adopted Ordinance No. 92-987 (Section 32500 et seq.) permitting the establishment of Preferential Parking Zones in the City. (Click here for a list of addresses in the preferential parking zone.)

Anyone parking their vehicle in a designated "Preferential Parking Zone" between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except Sundays, is required to display a parking permit, or be subject to a citation.

Each Residence within the "Preferential Parking Zones" is entitled to no more than three (3) resident permits and two (2) visitor permits. The following items are required for the issuance of the permit:


1.     Completion of the Preferential Parking Permit application   

2.     One-time registration fee of $40.00 per residence plus $20.00 for each parking permit issued. 

3.     Proof of residency and vehicle registration showing ownership, or exclusive use and control of the vehicle is required.




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