Arleen Bocatija Rojas, Council Member District 4

Arleen Bocatija Rojas, District 4
Council Member, District 4
Arleen Bocatija Rojas
Elected: November 2, 2021
Term expires: November 2026
Phone: (310) 952-1700 Ext. 1000
Arleen Bocatija Rojas, born in 1966 in Agana, Guam USA, is an active 31 year veteran Police Officer for the City of Los Angeles and holds the title as the First Female Filipino-American Police Officer in the history of the department. On November 2, 2021, Arleen won the seat as the newly elected councilmember for the City of Carson District 4. She is the second Female Filipino American Councilmember since 1993. Arleen's training, experience, dedication, civic engagement and passion, gained the trust of over 22,000 residents in her district, and becoming the "Voice of the People." Arleen will bridge the gap between law enforcement and the diverse communities in which she serves through social, civil, educational and vocational functions. Arleen's motto for her campaign was "We Are, Stronger Together" and she will continue to promote unity within her community.

Early Years
RRojas’ parents, Alfred and Esther Bocatija, are originally from Iloilo City, Bacolod and Negros Occidental, Philippines. They later settled in the Island of Guam, USA. In the early 1970's, the Bocatija family moved and settled in the City of Carson, California, where four out of the five Bocatija children all graduated from Carson High School.
Career With The United States Government
At a young age, Arleen was always drawn to the more "challenging", "demanding" "rewarding" and "remarkable" careers. Arleen quickly followed in her father's footsteps, who worked for the Federal Government and joined the United States Treasury Department, United States Secret Service where she entered a career built on integrity, honor, respect and reverence for the law. While assigned to the Los Angeles Field Office, Arleen learned how the government monitors and investigates counterfeiting and fraud. She holds the most honorable and integrated mission of protecting our country's leaders, both foreign and domestic.
31 Years of Law Enforcement Officer
Arleen patrolled the streets of south L.A. where she experienced up close and personal the life of violent street gangs, drugs, domestic violence, human trafficking, poverty and the rise and fall of street crimes. Arleen quickly learned that communicating with some of L.A.'s toughest criminals required creativity, respect, and a rapport in order to avoid many potentially dangerous confrontations.

In the early 1990's, Arleen saw that the "war on drugs" was a major problem in not just our local cities, but around the world. Arleen ventured into a dangerous position as an Undercover Officer investigating drug use, sales, manufacturing and narcotics trafficking affecting the children in our local high schools. Arleen made numerous arrests. She understands that our young children need to be taught right from wrong and that we as adults need to create a future where the children have choices in a future free from illegal drugs and crime.

She has also worked as an Undercover Officer, investigating pimping, pandering, prostitution and child exploitation, better known as "human trafficking." Arleen believed that she made remarkable changes in the quality of life of the people, specifically women and children in our growing communities.

As a law enforcement officer, Arleen continues to advocate for young children. She currently works with a non-profit organization that unites law enforcement officers and high school students with a goal of working together as a team. Arleen also became involved in a cyber bullying investigation involving social media crimes among teenagers. Arleen is currently building her own non-profit organization that will focus on the negative psychological impacts of social media outlets that are affecting teenagers today.
Public Service With The Filipino-American Community
Arleen is an integral voice and representative in the fundraising, sponsorship program, entertainment and logistics of annual events. She has served as the Mistress of Ceremonies numerous times for the Philippine Independence Day Annual Festival which attracts between 10,000 to 13,000 attendees each year. Arleen also served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Long Beach Bacolod Association Masskara Festival in 2018 and 2019. She is involved with the Los Angeles Filipino Association of City Employees (LAFACE), Law Enforcement Association of Asian Pacific (LEAAP), City of Carson Sister Cities, Soka Japan and Paraňaque, Philippines, the Filipino Community of Carson (FCC) and the National Federation of Filipino American Association (NAFFAA). In 2021, Arleen served as the Chairperson for the first in-person event, post pandemic for the Filipino History Month and Larry Itliong Celebration. Arleen works closely with the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce South Bay and Festival of Philippine Arts and Cultural Events and many organizations that teach, promote and celebrate the Filipino culture and people in Southern California.
Children and Family
Arleen lives in the City of Carson with her 13-year old daughter Ariyanna who has attended 8 years at Saint Philomena Catholic School Parish and is a competitive National Synchronized Figure Skater. Arleen's 27-year old daughter Alyssa is currently working on her PhD at the University of South Florida. Arleen's 26-year old son Andrew is currently on deployment with the United States Navy. Arleen is proud that her zest for "making a difference" in society has passed on to her children.
Advocating Mental And Physical Health For Senior Citizens Arleen shares and displays a passion and commitment to her elderly parent's mental and physical health. Arleen uses her professional knowledge as well as her personal experiences to improve and sustain a healthy quality of life for senior citizens. Arleen believes in longevity, integrity, loyalty and gives special thanks and praise to her parents.
Arleen's 31 years as a Police Officer, protecting and serving the community of the City of Los Angeles, has proven that she can successfully lead a challenging, ever-changing and rewarding career in "making a difference." She accomplished this by treating people with Respect, Fairness and Dignity. She balances her busy professional life as an active Police Officer and now as a Councilwoman for the City of Carson, and still prioritizes her time, efforts and energy into her young daughter's competitive figure skating career.

Arleen displays and believes that a woman's strength is not just based on her mental and physical abilities, her professional title or position, it is based on the ability to help others, take initiatives, fall, get back up, rise and do it all again, with grace and dignity.

Arleen has used both her professional and personal experiences to influence young women to have the strength and courage to "have a voice" and to be part of the changes in our society. Arleen's "no excuse" attitude has resonated to many women to project a positive attitude, and to influence other women to "Rise Above" and "Make a Difference" in our society.
Arleen’s accomplishments include creating a Public Safety Task Force Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P). She has re-activated the Safety First Act Now (S.F.A.N.). Arleen has bridged and helped improve the relationship between Carson’s Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and community residents. She has helped generate revenue for the City of Carson and built relationships through events in the City of Carson.

~ Last Update: October 27, 2022  ~

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