Utility Instructions, Household Map

Utility Instructions
Electric: Shut off Electricity

Shut off electricity at the main circuit breaker, pull out cartridge fuses and/or shut off main switch.

Your home may be equipped with fuses or circuit breakers.

  • If your house has fuses, you will find a knife switch handle or pullout fuse that should be marked "MAIN."
  • If your home has circuit breakers, you may need to open the metal door of the breaker box to reveal the circuit breakers (never remove the metal cover). The main circuit breaker should be clearly marked showing "ON" and "OFF" positions.
  • Remove all the small fuses or turn off all the small breakers first, then shut off the "MAIN."
  • If you have any sub-electrical panels next to the main fuse box or breaker panel or in other parts of the home, in an emergency shut them off, too. Shorts can sometimes develop that cause a circuit to bypass the breaker or fuse.
Water Heater
Install flexible connections.* Wrap 24 gauge or heavier steel plumber's tape or approved strapped around heater. Strap tape on upper 1/3 and lower 1/3. Bolt 1/2" conduit tubes to strapping and screw into walls studs with 3" lag screws.

Garage Water Heaters: put heater at least 18" (50 cm) above floor on sturdy stand. Secure stand to wall.

Have a plumber drain the heater every year, or learn how to do it yourself. The water in the tank can be used to drink in an emergency (purify before drinking).

  • Hire licensed contractors to install flexible connections for gas and water.
  • Turn off the gas value only when suspecting a leak. During a disaster it may take Gas Company one or more weeks to turn back on.
  • Keep crescent wrench 10" (25cm) near gas value. Know how to use it.
  • Do not use matches, candles, electric switches or the other appliances until you are sure there is no gas leak!
Keep a 10" (25cm) or larger wrench near your gas meter. Turn off gas only if you or others smell gas, or if you notice a large quality of gas registering on your meter. (Turn valve 1/4 turn to the right.)
Turn off water at the water main leading into the house or at meter box. Meter box requires a special wrench from store. Turn valve all the way to the right.
Draw Floor Plan
Show locations of utilities, supplies and equipment


Know how to shut off your Electricity, Gas and Water

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