Shell Compressed Natural Gas Dispensing Station

Shell Compressed Natural Gas Dispensing Station Project
March 10, 2021
20945 S Wilmington Ave.
7318-018-002, 7326-001-003, 732-7002-008, 7318-018-006, 7326-001-004, 7327-002-012, 7318-018-008, 7327-002-013, 7327-002-014, 7327-002-015, 7327-002-016, 7327-002-017, 7327-002-019, 7327-002-021
Equilon Enterprises LLC
d/b/a Shell Oil Products US
20945 South Wilmington Avenue
Carson, CA 90810
Nader Soliman
Shell Oil Products US
Tel: (310) 816-2098
(310) 381-3118
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Project Update:
  • Original Submittal: October 6, 2020
  • Status: 5/11/21 Planning Commission approval
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Project Description:
  • Conditional Use Permit; Site Plan and Design Review
  • The project involves installation of a compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensing station at an existing ethanol loading facility to enable the conversion of seven delivery trucks from diesel fuel to renewable CNG fuel. The CNG dispensing station would include three CNG dispensers, a 20-foot-tall canopy over the dispensers, and a CNG system compound that would include two compressors, one dryer, and three CNG storage tanks. The CNG facility would be supported by a new, approximately 3,200-foot-long natural gas pipeline located on the property.

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