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City of Carson Implements Groundbreaking Executive Recruitment Policy

The City of Carson proudly announces the adoption of a groundbreaking executive recruitment policy, marking a historic moment for the city. This innovative approach aims to establish a transparent and comprehensive process for recruiting and selecting unclassified management executives, including department heads.

City Manager, David C. Roberts Jr., emphasized the importance of this new policy, stating, “To provide the most transparent and comprehensive process for recruiting and interviewing candidates, I wanted the Department and the Executive Team to be an intricate part of the panel process ensuring a thorough decision can be made. This also provides an opportunity for the city and candidate a better indication of the professional and personable fit with a greater potential for retention.“

Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes expressed admiration for the City Manager’s forward-thinking approach, stating, “As Mayor, my colleagues and I are not involved in the hiring of personnel, but the process that the City Manager has implemented shows his innate ability to be forward-thinking, transparent and creative in attracting the best and most qualified candidates. City Manager, David Roberts continues to change the narrative and show why our city has a Future Unlimited!“

This groundbreaking recruitment process involves multiple rounds of interviews, including participation from the departmental staff, executive team, and the City Manager. By involving multiple perspectives, this innovative approach ensures the selection of the most suitable candidates to serve the city and its residents.

The City of Carson is proud to be at the forefront of establishing a fair, transparent, and merit-based recruitment procedure for unclassified management executives. This milestone sets a new standard for the city and potentially the state of California.

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