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This home safety communication plan will outline a generic, basic safety communication plan.

To apply it to your situation you may need to adjust some things and add your own information. It is not intended to answer all questions or fill all needs. It is just a basic outline of options you might consider if and when you are in the midst of a crisis and need help.
Communication Plan
Create communication plan.
Fill out the contacts form,  and keep it visible.
Choose out-of-town contact that household will reach to check on each other. Contact should have everyone's numbers and live far enough away that they would be unlikely to be affected by same event.
  Make sure household members have this contact number plus numbers for each other (including home, work, pager, cell, e-mail).  
  Identify 2 neighbors and agree to watch out for each other.  
  During disaster phone may not work. Be patient and retry. Try e-mail.  
Household Members and Pets
 Name  Work / School Address  Phone, Email
Out-of-Area Contact

 Address:  Home #:
 Email:  Work #:
 Cell #:
Emergency Contacts
 Name   Phone, Email  Other
Notes & Special Instructions




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