Tornadoes, Lighting, Extreme Heat, Hurricanes

Tornadoes, Lighting, Extreme Heat, Hurricanes


Tornado Categories

F-0 40 - 72 mph Chimney damage, tree branches broken

64 - 116 kmh
F-1 7 3 - 112 mph

118 - 180 kmh
Mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned
F-2 113 - 157 mph

182 - 253 kmh
Consideration damage, mobile homes demolished, trees uprooted
F-3 158 - 206 mph

254 - 332 kmh
Roofs/walls torn down, trains overturned, cars thrown
F-4 207 - 260 mph

333 - 418 kmh
Well-constructed walls leveled
F-5 261 - 318 mph

420 - 512 kmh
Homes lifted off foundation, carried distances, autos thrown as far as 100 meters

During a Tornado
  • Listen to local radio or T.V.
  • Go to the basement, storm cellar, or the lowest level of the building.
  • If there is no basement, go to an inner halfway or smaller inner room without windows, such as a bathroom closet.
  • Get under sturdy furniture, heavy table or desks. Hold on to it.
  • Protect head & neck with arms.
  • Get away from windows.
  • If in a mobile home, get out. Find safer shelter elsewhere.

If You are Outdoors
  • If possible, get inside.
  • If no time to get indoors, lie in a ditch or low-lying area or crouch near strong building.
  • Be aware if flooding potential.
  • Use arms to protect head, neck.

If You are in a Car
  • Never try to out-drive tornado. Tornadoes change direction and can lift a car up in the air.
  • Get out of the car immediately and take shelter in a nearby building.
  • If there is no time to get indoors, get out of the car and lie in a ditch or low-lying area away from the car. Be aware of the potential for flooding.

  • Go inside for protection immediately.
  • Stay away from windows, water, faucets, sinks, bathtubs and telephones.
  • Turn off and unplug televisions, computers and other appliances.
  • If outside, stay away from tall trees, open fields pr water, bicycles, golf clubs, tractors, fences and other metal objects.
  • If caught in an open space or field, crouch low to the ground.

Extreme Heat
  • Drink plenty of water regularly and eat well-balanced, light meals.
  • Slow down. Avoid strenuous activity. If you need to do strenuous activity, do it during the coolest part of day.
  • Avoid alcohol/caffeine. (Alcohol causes further dehydration.)
  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes that cover as much skin as possible.
  • When outside, protect face and head by wearing a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Allow your body to adjust to heat for the first 2 or 3 days of heat wave.
  • Avoid too much sunshine (sunburns) are extreme temperature changes.
  • Protect windows. Hang shades, draperies, awning on windows.
  • High-risk individuals should stay in cool places (home or public buildings).


For Hurricane WATCH
  • Listen to local radio or T.V. for information
  • Prepare to board up all your windows. Install already-made shutter panels.
  • Bring objects inside that could fly around (trash cans, toys and lawn furniture).
  • Assemble a Disaster Supply Kit.
  • Recheck manufactured home tie-downs.
  • Keep this guide handy with phone #s.
  • Fill your car's gas tank with gasoline.
  • Identify places where you can go if told to evacuate (i.e., friend's home, shelter).
  • Mark a road map with 2 alternative routes.
  • If told to evacuate, do so immediately.

For Hurricane WARNING
  • Keep Disaster Supply Kit on hand.
  • Stay indoors and away from windows if you are advised not evacuate.
  • Be aware of eye of the hurricane (calm center). This lasts seconds. The most severe part of the storm comes just after the calm eye is present.
  • This Guide, phone #s, map, documents
  • At least 3 gallons (12 liters) of water per person
  • Canned food, can opener
  • First Aid supplies
  • Medications
  • New batteries, radio and flashlight
  • Protective clothing and rainwear
  • Bedding, sleeping bags
  • Special items for infants, elderly and people with disabilities
  • Written instruction on how to turn off utilities

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