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CARSON, CA - The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) team on-scene has identified no facility releases into the Dominguez Channel that would account for any harmful health concerns.
Los Angeles County Public Works and Public Health teams have preliminary findings that indicate the origin for the odor is from an organic material drying out after being left on the channel banks during low tide.
AQMD has systematically evaluated potential facility sources from the base of the Dominguez Channel, spreading out from there to inspect oil refineries in Carson and Wilmington, tank farms, waste treatment and waste facilities. Preliminary findings are that there has been no release.
AQMD does not believe the odors will cause any health impacts beyond nuisance type effects. No official statement from AQMD or the County regarding these preliminary findings or potential health impacts has been made at this time.
“It has been three days and we have been asking the various involved agencies to put out a statement to explain what is going on and to ensure that our residents are safe, but have been unsuccessful,” said Carson Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes. “The odor being smelled is believed to be H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide. It is my understanding that prolonged exposure is harmful to humans. I am therefore calling for an investigation and depending upon the results of this investigation and the negative impacts to my residents; the City might consider initiating a class action lawsuit similar to what happened in Porter Ranch. I’m hoping that expected rain in the forecast tonight will wash away the organic material and reduce or improve the odor situation. My question to all involved agencies is what is the problem, what is being done to correct it, who is at fault and what is being done to prevent it from happening again? We are continuing our efforts to communicate with all involved entities for a resolution.”
Residents or anyone affected is encouraged to continue to file reports with AQMD which has assisted them to pinpoint the location of the odor from their investigations. Please call 1-800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664).

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