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The City of Carson has always prioritized programming for seniors and continuously seeks new activities and classes for this very active community. In 2015, the City of Carson was inspired to implement their own intergenerational (IG) program after years of preparation and showcasing a documentary on Cyber Seniors. Later that year, the City collaborated with Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School to start an intergenerational program. The program features high school senior volunteers and our local “Super Seniors” (age 50+).

Carson Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes said that “this program is so important because it connects the two major valves of our community’s heart, the youth and the seniors. The bonds and memories that these two groups have created are invaluable.”

The IG program is designed as an 8-week semester that features various topics. When the program began the first two semesters focused on social media, email and computers. The program participants have since made incredible connections through games, writing, discussions and storytelling. The program provides a safe, exciting, enriching program that fuses two diverse generations.

“An intergenerational program is a great reflection of our community. Being able to bridge the gap between generations allows us to have a stronger future. I’m excited for us to implement more programming that can be celebrated and enrich the lives of our community,” said City Manager David C. Roberts, Jr.

Since the program’s inception, the program has received the Creating Community/Aging Well Award from the California Parks and Recreation Society Inc (CPRS). This year, the program has made a triumphant return to the community after being dormant. The city utilized various marketing efforts to recruit the Super Seniors to return. The response was overwhelming. This year’s class of 10 high school seniors and 10 “Super Seniors” culmination will take place on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

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