The Boulevards at South Bay Environmental Impact Report

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Review Period: August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017

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The proposed revised project site is located in the City of Carson, approximately 17 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and approximately 6.5 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. The site is in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County and is currently undeveloped. The entire project site is comprised of approximately 168 acres located southwest of the San Diego Freeway (I‐405) at and north of the Avalon Boulevard interchange. However, the proposed revisions are as to only the commercially zoned land located south of Del Amo, comprising approximately 157 acres of the overall project site located southwest of the San Diego Freeway (I‐405) at, and north of, the Avalon Boulevard interchange. The 11 acres located north of Del Amo has been approved for residential uses and is not proposed to be a part of the revised project, but it will be considered as a related project as appropriate in the SEIR. Figure 1 depicts the entire project site, as well as the proposed revised project site.
The Boulevards at South Bay
Final Environmental Impact Report

State Clearinghouse No. 2005051059
January 2006
Information Regarding this Electronic Document
This version of Final EIR is an unofficial electronic document being made available for review. Electronic posting is not required by the California Environmental Quality Act. Due to differences between software and electronic publishing, the formatting in the following electronic document may not exactly match the original printed copy. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the document in this electronic format.

If you wish to view the official document, it is on file at the following locations:
  1. Carson Regional Library, 151 East Carson , Carson, California 90895
  2. Victoria Park Library, 17906 South Avalon Boulevard , Carson, California 90746

NOTE: The project name is currently the Boulevards at South Bay but was previously referred to as the Avalon at South Bay and the Carson Marketplace. Although the project name has changed, the project site, proposed project, and content in the Specific Plan and EIR have not. Thus, the Specific Plan and EIR shown here, although referring to a different project name, are the approved documents.

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