City-Wide Community Facilities District (CFD No. 2018-01)

On November 7, 2018, the City adopted Resolution No. 18-119 to form CFD No. 2018-01 ("CFD") for maintenance and services. This CFD also included a City-wide future voluntary annexation area. New development projects that impose negative fiscal impacts on recurring City services now have the option to annex into the CFD with the approval of their property owner.

The City has completed a Fiscal Impact Analysis study ("FIA"), dated March 2019, to quantify the financial impacts of new projects onto City’s current financial resources. The FIA provides a comprehensive review of the net fiscal impact that would be placed upon the City based upon the potential future development or redevelopment throughout the City.

Based on the FIA, residential and industrial projects imposes negative fiscal impacts and are therefore required to mitigate their fiscal impacts in the amounts comparable to the following table CFD No. 2018-01 Maximum Special Tax Rates Table. Annexation into the CFD would satisfy this requirement. For industrial projects, please also cross reference the rates table with the Industrial Zones Map .

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