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Hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sunday through Saturday
Closed on Designated Holidays
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Contact Phone: (310) 952-1786, (310) 952-1788

The City of Carson is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our city's residential, commercial and industrial areas by enforcing the Carson Municipal Codes. These codes address violations related to building standards, zoning, property maintenance and California Vehicle codes related to storage of vehicles.

Code Enforcement work in partnership with the citizens & businesses of Carson to uphold and promote a desirable living and working environment. This is done through both proactive and re-active enforcement. Officers are assigned zones where they patrol and address violations observed and investigate complaints received. Enforcement tools are available which include the issuance of notices, Administrative Citations and referral for legal action. The responsible party is always afforded due process, the opportunity to voluntarily correct and abate violations prior to referral for legal action. Another effective tool is education. Officers attend Neighborhood Watch and Townhall meetings when requested to educate the community by answering questions and providing information related to codes.

The Code Enforcement Division is split into two shifts, Monday through Thursday and Thursday through Sunday. They can be reached between the hours of 7am-6pm.

Did you know the Carson Municipal Code...
  1. Prohibits parking on the lawn. Violators could receive a substantial fine.
  2. Prohibits placing trash cans at the curbside before 6:00p.m., the day prior to collection.
  3. Prohibits trashcans and other items from being stored in public view.
  4. Prohibits the storage of wrecked, inoperable and/or abandoned vehicles in your driveway. These vehicles cannot be visible from the public right of way.
  5. Permits only minor auto repair on residential property.
  6. Prohibits allowing graffiti to remain on any structure. Not sure Landscape & Building Maintenance are stillissuing vouchers.
  7. Prohibits high grass and weeds.
  8. Requires permits for most alterations to a dwelling or structure prior to any construction.
  9. Requires an oversized vehicle owner parked in residential to obtain a permit. It also prohibits oversized vehicles from parking in commercial & industrial zones.

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City Hall Contact

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Monday - Thursday
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