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City of Carson Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP)

The City of Carson has initiated efforts to develop its first Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP). The main objectives of this process are to craft a new Strategic Plan with economic development goals, strategies, implementation steps (tactics), and indicators of success (metrics) that reflect the vast differences in the economic environment as well as the City itself in the past decade.

EDSP provides a holistic view of economic development including, but not limited to: development in the industrial areas in the city; changes in commercial, retail, and office development in the past decade; tourism development, entertainment, developing an arts economy and expanding the visitor economy; the role of residential development and housing in the overall economic development of the community; opportunities for workforce development; assessing the small business and entrepreneurship environment in Carson and recommending programs; assessing opportunities for partnerships and joint programs with Cal State Dominguez Hills and other colleges and universities; assessing the challenges and opportunities in creating a "Downtown" Carson; and, an analysis of the City's location and the infrastructure challenges it faces in developing, retaining, and attracting quality businesses in the community

The City of Carson is fortunate to be supported by a robust industrial and growing logistics economy; however, the City is looking to be strategic in using these assets and other resources to enhance the local community through strategic economic development. There is a need to balance the established economy with different types of businesses that provide goods and services to Carson residents and help attract and support new residents to the City, either those working in the City or commuting. This is to be achieved through strategic economic development planning, exploring ways to manage the environmental liability, and community engagement that will culminate into short-term and long-term recommendations for investments, incentives, and land use.

To build upon the 2012 Economic Development Element of the City's General Plan, the City of Carson has partnered with RRM Design Group and The Natelson Dale Group to lead the creation a new Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) for the City with team support by HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment (entertainment/sports economists) and Catalyst Environmental Solutions (environmental analysts). The EDSP's primary objectives are to craft:
  • Economic development goals, strategies, and implementation steps.
  • Indicators of success that reflect the vast differences in the economic environment as well as the City of Carson itself.
To complete this effort, the City is taking a holistic view combining the needs of economic development with community development. In addition to the traditional economic factors, such as workforce, tourism, commercial/retail, and industry, the EDSP will provide a roadmap for future housing, support services, university needs, and infrastructure. The City is looking to capitalize on available funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the 2028 Olympics. These funding sources can catalyze economic and community development, providing a platform for economic growth in both the near-term (Olympics-ready) and long-term.

Downtown Revitalization
While Carson does not have a traditional older, walkable Downtown, there is potential to create a future Downtown core building off the existing infrastructure. As part of this project, the City seeks to establish a Downtown core that can serve as an economic and community hub. When planned and implemented correctly, the EDSP can be a catalyst for revitalization and set the tone for the community for years to come, not only in terms of creating a sense of place but also generating a vital Downtown that contributes to exciting opportunities exist to improve and integrate mixed-use, commercial and residential uses and create a synergy that will ultimately result in an inviting community asset. To make this happen, innovative design, housing improvements and redevelopment strategies are needed that will help retain desired businesses and attract new residents, businesses, investments, and creative project applications from the development community. Building off the existing Carson Street Master Plan, this type of town center can serve as a venue for local businesses and community events as well as attract new types of businesses and residents to Carson as well as increase the economic viability of the community and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors.

How to participate
The EDSP and Downtown Revitalization efforts are specifically intended to be developed in a structured, transparent, and collaborative process. A key element to the strategic planning process will be collecting and incorporating input from the Carson community. This outreach will encompass a wide swath of Carson stakeholders, including residents, business owners, developers, public officials, and university administrators.

Please continue to periodically visit the City's project webpage and social media platforms for updates and information on how to participate in upcoming community information meetings, online questionnaires, and study session presentation before the Carson City Council.

Contact City staff with any questions/comments or to request notification of upcoming events/meetings: James Nguyen, Project Manager

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