Home-Based Business Activity

Residents of the City are permitted to conduct certain types of business activity in their home. Due to strict zoning regulations, applicants must meet all zoning requirements prior to the issuance of the business tax certificate. Please complete the Home Occupation Permit Application form below to be submitted along with your business license/permit application..

For more information, please refer below to the Home Occupation - Definitions and Standards.

Home Occupation - Definitions and Standards

Not more than one home occupation may be conducted by the occupant of a dwelling provided:

1 The home occupation is secondary and incidental to the principal use of the property for residential purposes.
2 The character of the structure and premises is not changed from a residential character.
3 There is no storage of materials and/or supplies either indoors or outdoors and no accessory building or space outside the main building is used for home occupation purposes, except that the garage may be used for storage provided that such storage does not interfere with required off-street parking.
4 No persons, other than members of the resident family, are employed in such occupation.
5 No equipment is used which will increase the need for utilities or community facilities beyond that usually required for residential purposes.
6 Not more than one room in the dwelling is used for the home occupation.
7 No sale of goods is made on the premises.
8 There is no stock in trade or display maintained on the premises.
9 No sign and/or structure is exhibited other than those otherwise permitted in the zone which located.
10 The use does not require material or equipment recognized as not being normally used by residents or hobbyists in households, except that light business machines are permitted.
11 The use does not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic beyond that normally in which it is located.
12 The use does not involve deliveries of materials to or from the premises by commercial delivery vehicles.
13 The home occupation is limited to personal services.
14 Any occupation may be excluded from certain or all districts, or portions thereof, if the Planning Director determines that it is incompatible with the neighboring residential uses.
15 The Planning Director may impose such additional conditions in a Home Occupation Permit as is considered necessary for the protection of the neighborhood.

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